Project:Wikimedia Strategy 2017


Welcome to the strategy conversation.
It's time to move from individual opinions
to group consensus.

At the beginning of 2017, we initiated a broad discussion to form a strategic direction that will unite and inspire people across the entire movement. This direction will be the foundation on which we will build clear plans and set priorities. More than 80 communities and groups have discussed and gave feedback on-wiki, in person, virtually, and through private surveys[1][2]. We researched readers and consulted more than 150 experts[3]. We looked at future trends that will affect our mission, and gathered feedback from partners and donors.

In July, a group of community volunteers and representatives from the strategy team took on a task of synthesizing this feedback into an early version of the strategic direction that the broader movement can review and discuss.

The first draft is ready. Please read, share, and discuss on its talk page on Meta-Wiki. Based on your feedback, the drafting group will refine and finalize this direction through August.