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Project:VisualEditor testing/Template test

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Some template examples to play with; add more if you like! See VisualEditor:TestReferenceContents for citation tests.

The hinting code (<templatedata>) that makes editing through the VisualEditor easier is part of the template documentation (links provided by way of example).

Inline template[edit]

This is an example of using the "Unsigned" template, an inline template which you can edit (documentation): — Preceding unsigned comment added by User:Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs) 16:25, 12 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Test a b crrrrrrrr

Block template[edit]

This is an example of using the {{Wikimedia engineering project information }} template, a block template which you can edit (documentation):

Template without templatedata[edit]

Templates need Templatedata added, in order for the description to show, and for the fields to be labeled, whilst they are being edited with VisualEditor.

The two templates above, have templatedata in their respective /doc pages. (i.e. Template:Unsigned/doc and Template:Wikimedia engineering project information/doc)

These following templates do not have any templatedata, so the description is empty, and the un-named-fields are numbered.

{{Nutshell|title=VisualEditor|concisely summarizes this page|shortcut=VE}} =

{{Main|Main page|VisualEditor}} =

Main pages: Main page and VisualEditor