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Manual "logo"
Manual "logo"

This page is for the discussion and co-ordination of the MediaWiki Manual.

The manual is located in the Manual: namespace (starting at Manual:Konten ) and is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Note that manual content must be kept completely separate from the PD Help pages located in the Help: namespace, as they are released under a different, incompatible license (see Project:Copyrights for details).

Important Note: A lot of the pages in Meta's MediaWiki Handbook will ultimately be moved to the manual, however please do not move these pages manually at this stage. See below for details.


For general information about what should go in which namespace, see Project:Ruang nama .

  • What content should be in the Manual: namespace?
    • Information on setting up a new wiki
    • Information on moving/upgrading/exporting/importing
    • Information about hooks/API/Database layout etc.
  • What should not be in the Manual: namespace?
    • Basic help on using and editing. This belongs in the Help: namespace
    • Extensions and tools, that are not part of the default MediaWiki distribution. (Extension: namespace)

Konten dari Meta

There is a lot of content on Meta that should be moved to this site. Please do not move pages by hand! There is a project to co-ordinate this move at meta which will give you full details. Once we are in a position to do so, the relevant pages will be moved here in a way that preserves their history.


Some discussion has been held regarding the layout of the Manual: namespace, but no formal decision has been made. The main debate is whether Manual pages should be organized in a flat hierarchy, with all pages at the root level, or with subtopics as subpages of the main topics. Here is where prior discussion has taken place:

Editorial guidelines


to be discussed


to be discussed


  • Screenshots should be cut to show only the relevant part of the site (no browser surroundings).


to be discussed

Naming scheme non-English pages

Some general discussions about internationalisation are at Proyek:Kebijakan bahasa .