In MediaWiki, a category is a group of related pages. This page documents how categories are used on

Categories are organized into a hierarchy, or tree, with one category at the top. Each page on should belong to one or more relevant categories. To learn how to add categories to a page and how to manage the category tree, see Help:Categories.

Browse categories[edit]


  • Add categories to uncategorized pages.
  • Create category pages for wanted categories. (Categories ending in a language code must be translated from the English version, not created manually.)
  • Add descriptions to category pages.
  • Help translate category pages.


Each language on has a separate category tree that mirrors the structure of the English-language category tree. For example, you can browse French-language pages using Category:Top_level/fr. In order for a category to appear in a language's category tree, the category page must be translated into that language. For example, in order for Category:Help/fr to appear in the category tree, Category:Help must have a French translation.

Category organization[edit]

Top level[edit]

  • Languages – top-level category for
  • Top level – top-level category for English-language content site[edit]

Documentation for MediaWiki users[edit]

  • Help – pages in the Help namespace

Documentation for MediaWiki developers and administrators[edit]


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