Production-like vagrant/Notes-2014-04-09


Next steps from last time:

   * Reaching out to additonal folks (including ops) [done]
   * Work on distribuiton (Matt's going to spearhead this with Yuvi) [in progress[
   ** Make proposal for hardware needs (usb stick, cds, blah)
   * Set up project proposal page for production-like vagrant (Arthur) [done]
   * Set up project proposal page for bootcamp (Bryan) [done]
   * Meet again in a month (Arthur) [in progress]
   * Let Erik know we'll have hardware needs, get him specifics in a month (Arthur) [done]

Distribution stuff: in progress USB drive/DVDs for distribution?

  • 30 USB sticks, 4-8gb - request from IT [Arthur]

How much should we flush out what to work on before the hackathon, can we just play it loose and fast? Should come in with *some* clarity, particularly around things that may incur some resistance from outside

  • Varnish
    • use puppet module
  • SSL (nginx)
    • use puppet module
  • MariaDB
  • Memcache/Redis
  • CentralAuth
    • Tackle multiversion in vagrant?
  • configure MW and set of apps in a way to mimic production but for performance tweaks cf
  • Prepared XML dump import

Beforehand: turn into submodules in ops repo: [Otto]

  • varnish
  • nginx
  • mariadb

Meet again last week of April [Arthur]

Next steps[edit]

   * Order 30 USB sticks, 4-8gb [arthur]
   * Continue hammering out distribution [Matt]
   * Turn specific things into submodules in ops