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RT is/was a tool based on Request Tracker used by the Wikimedia Operations team for managing day to day tasks. Since December 18, 2014 these processes are handled via Wikimedia Phabricator, with two exceptions: the access-requests@ and procurement@ queues, which are still handled in RT and will be moved to Phabricator at a later stage.

Submitting requests to the Operations team[edit]

Requests to the Operations team are submitted through the regular process of creating a task in Phabricator and associating it to the #Operations project.

If you really miss sending requests to Ops via email, including "#Operations" will work as well, but submissions through the website are preferred. Do not use the now deprecated email addresses.

access-requests@ and procurement@[edit]

Remember, the exceptions to this norm are access-requests@ and procurement@, the two RT queues that will be migrated at a later stage.

RT data migrated to Phabricator[edit]

This section lists the fields available in RT tickets and their corresponding field in Phabricator tasks.

Note that historical changes in RT tickets (i.e. people that got removed from CC at some point) were not imported. The tickets imported from RT into Phabricator reflect the situation at the time of the migration.

RT Field Migrated Added to description Not migrated Notes
ID Checkbox-blue.svg There were already 78841 tasks in Phabricator so numbers were already assigned (cf. T857). If you know the ID of an RT ticket (e.g. RT #12345), use the "Reference" field in Maniphest's advanced search by entering "rt" followed by the ID (e.g. "rt12345") to find the corresponding task in Phabricator.
Summary Checkbox-blue.svg
Status Checkbox-blue.svg See the Status table below this one for details. Although an RT ticket could get "merged" into another ticket, this was not expressed via a status [sic!].
Priority Checkbox-blue.svg Not imported (not much used in RT); set to "Normal" in Phabricator for imported RT tasks (could be revisited if needed; populating priority on these wouldn't be terrible)
Queue Checkbox-blue.svg Converted to projects with "ops-" prefix.
Dates Checkbox-blue.svg Dates of comments and the creation date of a ticket are kept.
(Time) Worked, Starts, Started, Last Contact, Due Checkbox-blue.svg Not imported — no equivalent and nothing really to do with it
Tags ("hackathon", "hardware failure"), Third party ticket, Wikitech Checkbox-blue.svg Not migrated as fields but still visible as comments (e.g. "tags hardware failure added by johndoe").
Bugzilla ticket Checkbox-blue.svg Added to task description with links
Owner Checkbox-blue.svg Converted to "Assigned to"
Requestor(s) Checkbox-blue.svg Converted to "Author" (and also added to Subscribers due to technical constraints). Known issue: If a ticket had several requestors, only the first one was added as Author. Further requestors were not imported. This regression affects 60 open/new/stalled tickets. See T84828.
"Cc" and "Admin Cc" Checkbox-blue.svg converted to "Subscribers"
Referred To By/Refers To Checkbox-blue.svg
"Children"/"parents" and "depends on"/"depended on by" Checkbox-blue.svg Converted to "Parent tasks"/"Subtasks" (in the edit menu), listed as "Task Graph" (in the user interface)
Attachments Checkbox-blue.svg Attachments were migrated.
Comments Checkbox-blue.svg Comments have been imported, including inline history ("Status changed", "send update email to receipients stuff", etc.) comments.


RT Phabricator
New Open
Open Open
Stalled Stalled
Resolved Resolved
Deleted Invalid
Rejected Declined

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