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We are working on the migration of several developer infrastructure services to one single Phabricator instance. It's a very exciting project! We welcome your help.

  • Git and Gerrit users are welcome to the Gerrit-Migration project. We need help learning about the possibilities of Phabricator in this area: what is missing, what exists in a different way, what is remarkably interesting, which are the blockers that should be reported upstream?
  • As a PHP developer, you're welcome to contribute enhancements and new features upstream. Learn more at Phabricator/CodePhabricator/Code.

Beware, the Phabricator team may change this sequence as plans evolve (although we try not to).

  1. YesY Done Deployment of (project)
  2. YesY Done Migration of data from to
  3. YesY Done New test instance in Labs open to everyone, blocked by
  4. YesY Done open to all Wikimedia users
  5. YesY Done Test instance containing Bugzilla reports automatically migrated
    • YesY Done end of Bugzilla preview feedback period, announcement of Bugzilla migration date.
  6. YesY Done, 2014-11-21: Bugzilla migration (1-4 days downtime, see detailed timeline), blocked by
  7. YesY Done except for minor queues, 2014-12-18 00:00UTC-08:00UTC: Phabricator RT migration: RT migration (8 hours downtime of Phabricator; blocked by
  8. YesY Done Burndown charts & migration from Scrumbugz
  9. YesY Done, 2015-06-30: Total migration from Mingle; cf. T825
  10. YesY Done, 2015-11-09: Phabricator RT migration: Procurement queue migrated from RT to Phabricator
  11. In progress In progress Total migration from Trello; cf. T825
  12. YesY Done, 2016-06-29: Total migration of code browsing from Gitblit to Diffusion; cf. Gitblit-Deprecate (contains the blockers) and Diffusion (about the tool itself)
  13. N Declined: Total migration of code review from Gerrit to Differential; cf. Gerrit-Migration (contains the blockers) and Differential (about the tool itself)