Parsing/Replacing Tidy/Workflow for community outreach

  1. Define wikis to contact:
  2. Write messaging;
    1. TIPS: Allow 2 weeks (10 full work days) between announcement and deployment for eventual conversation;
    2. reuse previous messaging; example at m:User:SSastry_(WMF)/Switch_to_Remex;
    3. provide ONE centralized location for feedback.
      1. For smaller wikis: use Tech News + email to ambassadors rather than spamming village pumps? May be more effective.
  3. Have message reviewed by relevant parties;
  4. Find village pumps pages;
    1. TIPS: Most of the times you can find them on m:Distribution_list/Technical_Village_Pumps_distribution_list (tech VPs), with m:Distribution_list/Global_message_delivery (generic VPs) as a fallback.
    2. You can also build a MassMessage target list if necessary.
  5. Set up page on Meta for translation of said message;
    1. TIPS: you can only do so if you're a translation admin; see tutorial at mw:Help:Extension:Translate/Page translation example;
    2. you can limit the number of languages when marking for translation, if you are only contacting a few wikis: find the relevant option at the bottom of the page when you mark it for translation.
  6. Ask ambassadors for help with translations and/or watching conversations
    1. TIPS: use m:Tech/Ambassadors/List to identify such helpful, friendly people;
    2. give a deadline for translation.
  7. Post message at target locations;
    1. TIPS: extract translations in the following way;
    2. go to<lang>?action=edit and copy the source; alternatively,
    3. head to the Special:ExportTranslations page for the desired message (example);
      1. select the desired code from the dropdown, and click Fetch;
    4. copy the body of the message; you don't need the DISPLAYTITLE bit, except for the translated part of it, that is going to become the title of your thread - in the example given above, the only part you'll retain for Swedish is "Byte till Remex", and you'll make a ==heading== out of it; you don't need the languages tag, while as a signature you'll use [[:mw:User:SSastry (WMF)]], ~~~~~ (that's 5 tildes, for timestamp only) so that it points to your Mediawiki page;
  8. paste on the relevant village pumps.
    1. TIPS: , at bottom;
    2. , at bottom;
    3. , at bottom;
    4. , post at top
  9. Deploy on agreed date if all goes well.