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Please also read what possible and actual mentors need to know.

Potential mentors[edit]

Potentially available mentors. (If you are listed here as a mentor but are not available anymore: Please move your name to the "Inactive" section below!)

Mentor name Areas
Brian Wolff Particularly interested in any project where the student is a member of the relevant community the project is targeting, and the student came up with the project him/her-self to fix a problem that they are actually encountering.
Jeroen De Dauw I'm involved with both Semantic MediaWiki and Wikidata and willing to mentor interesting projects related to either. I prefer to mentor students who already have a decent background with doing development work.
Yury Katkov I'm involved in developing extensions for MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki plus I'm active community member focused on bringing MediaWiki closer to a 3rd party companies and developers.
Thomas PT I'm available as co-mentor for Wikisource-related proposals.
Yaron Koren Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms, and related extensions.
Niklas Laxström Internationalization projects.
Santhosh Thottingal Internationalization projects.
Federico Leva willing to co-mentor Tools for mass migration of legacy translated wiki content as Meta-Wiki community liasion.
Runa Bhattarcharjee Internationalization projects.
Ariel Glenn Wikimedia offline projects.
Kelson Wikimedia offline projects (openZIM/Kiwix).
Pau Giner Internationalization projects.
Amir E. Aharoni Internationalization projects, right-to-left languages, translation, outreach.
Stephan Gambke I contribute to extensions connected to Semantic MediaWiki and would mentor in that area.
Daniel Kinzler Available to mentor Wikibase-related projects, as long as they are not too heavy on JavaScript.
Sébastien Santoro I'm offering to mentor Wikimedia Commons related projects. I'm also available for a more generic project for a student who comes from another language and would like to learn PHP / improve PHP skills.
Kartik Mistry Internationalization projects, translation.
John Vandenberg especially Pywikibot, but also development practises and tools.
Tony Thomas ready to help with MediaWiki extensions, E-mails, Extension:Newsletter and PHP!
Yann Available for Wikisource and Commons related projects.
Marielle Volz Citoid related projects.
Derick Alangi MediaWiki Tools/Toolforge.
Tgr MediaWiki or PHP/Python standalone tools
Zppix Documentation, gerrit
Maskaravivek Am available to mentor projects related to Android. Am active on Github with Wikimedia Android Commons app.
Edward Afful MediaWiki & also available for students who comes from another language and would like to learn PHP / improve PHP skills.
Feroz Ahmad Cargo and Page Forms
Prateek Saxena OOUI and Design
Stas Malyshev Wikidata Query Service (UI and core)
You? ...

Inactive mentors[edit]

Previous mentors who are currently not available anymore.

Mentor name Interest Areas
Yuri Astrakhan Will mentor most of the external API related work.
Jan Luca Naumann MediaWiki Moodle extension
Nischay Nahata I would be available to co-mentor projects related to Extension:UploadWizard.
Saper installer, updating MediaWiki, generic database support (incl. PostgreSQL), porting themes/skins, Extension:CheckUser. Also Python programming with Pywikibot. JavaScript with node. Happy to work on some obscure corner nobody else works on.
AbdealiJK especially Pywikibot.
Zaran willing to co-mentor the proofread page extension refactoring.
Rusty Burchfield CSS extension projects.
Michael Dale Multimedia / HTML5 related projects.
Micru Available to co-mentor the Book upload customization project.
Tyler Romeo I'm available to mentor the CSS extension, UploadWizard extension, the XML sitemaps extension, automatic category redirects, and/or Extension:OEmbedConsumer/Extension:OEmbedProvider. Which one I do I'll leave up to somebody who has a better idea of which projects WMF would prefer. Depending on the time commitment involved, I may be able to mentor more than one project.
James Forrester VisualEditor related projects.
Matt Flaschen Prototyping inline comments and SASS/LESS support for ResourceLoader
Katie Filbert Wikidata-related projects.
Željko Filipin Selenium/Node.js
Ankita Shukla Available to co-mentor projects Implement HTML e-mail support in MediaWiki and Technology to transclude git content into wiki pages
Sam Reed Bugzilla-MediaWiki extension.