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Article feedback/Testing June 2012

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On Saturday 9 June 2012 from 10AM-noon Pacific time, WMF will be collaborating on a testing event with OpenHatch for the Article Feedback Tool Version 5.

This follows our successful testing event with Weekend Testing Americas on 5 May where we validated the new WMF strategy of frequent deployments of MediaWiki, and will follow roughly the same format.

As with the WTA event, the timing for the OpenHatch event is excellent. On 9 June, most of the public features of AFTv5 will be available. The AFTv5 project itself will be winding down, and our testing event will be a great opportunity to discover any issues or problems while the AFTv5 project is still fully staffed and prepared to address them.

Please see the Test Plan for full details about how to get set up, objectives, activities, etc.

(Signup is optional but helps us plan.)

Important dates[edit]

  • June 4: By this date, have an account on Wikipedia. Make 10 edits to any pages by June 8 on English Wikipedia (including your "user" page) so you can have "autoconfirmed" status by the event.

Topics, Goals, & Outcomes[edit]

Some goals for the event:

  1. Anywhere between a handful and a few dozen people will able to participate successfully ("success" is defined as: arrive in the communication channel, read and understand the Test Plan for the Article Feedback Tool, identify and discuss any issues discovered.)
  2. Some number of useful, reproducible issues filed (even if some of them are duplicates or need to be moved to other issue queues)
  3. Everybody has fun!

Stretch Goals - if we make these, we'll be thrilled

  1. Some fraction of participants follow the instructions to "create an account on http://en.wikipedia.org/ no later than Tuesday 4 June and complete at least ten edits".
  2. Some number of participants continue to edit Wikipedia as a result of their experience with Article Feedback testing.
  3. Some number of participants show enthusiasm for helping in future WMF test events.

Here are the things we aim to focus on for our day of testing:

  • Article Feedback Tool, version 5


See the test plan!


9 June 2012, 10AM-noon Pacific time.