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The main entrypoint is the "get" function. First parameter is release, can be "stable", "legacy", "lts", or "alpha". Second parameter is the format, can be "version", "branch", "git", or "date". Note that "alpha" only works with "branch", the behavior of other output formats is undefined.

  • {{#invoke:Version|get|alpha|branch}}: 1.35
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|stable|version}}: 1.34.1
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|stable|branch}}: 1.34
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|stable|git}}: REL1_34
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|stable|date}}: 2020-03-26
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|lts|version}}: 1.31.7
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|legacy|version}}: 1.33.3
  • {{#invoke:Version|get|legacylts|version}}: 1.31.7

That said, you probably want to use one of the wrapper templates in Category:MediaWiki version information templates instead of calling this module directly.