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MiniEdit is a global gadget that enables quick and simple edits without leaving the page. When installed, a little pencil icon will appear next to all paragraphs, that when clicked, will open a small editor in place of the paragraph. Try it out on this page!

MiniEdit makes small edits easy, fast and intuitive, both in desktop and mobile devices:



If MiniEdit is already available as a gadget in your wiki, simply go to the gadgets tab in your preferences and enable it. If not, then add the following to your common.js in the wiki where you want it available (Wikimedia or not) or to your global.js if you want it available in every Wikimedia wiki:

 * MiniEdit enables quick and simple edits without leaving the page
 * Documentation: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MiniEdit
 * Source code: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Gadget-Global-MiniEdit.js
mw.loader.load( '//www.mediawiki.org/w/load.php?modules=ext.gadget.Global-MiniEdit' );

If you'd like to have MiniEdit available as a gadget in your wiki, first create MediaWiki:Gadget-MiniEdit.js with the code above and any desired configuration. Then create MediaWiki:Gadget-MiniEdit with a short description of the tool. Finally, add the following to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition (see Extension:Gadgets#Usage for details):

* MiniEdit[ResourceLoader|targets=desktop,mobile|actions=view]|MiniEdit.js



MiniEdit requires no configuration. However, the following options are available. Add them anywhere before or after the initialization code. They are shown along with their default values:

// Documentation page to link from the edit summaries
mw.config.set( 'miniedit-page', 'mw:MiniEdit' );

// Change tag to track edits made with the tool
mw.config.set( 'miniedit-tag', null );

Note that all edits made with MiniEdit are automatically tagged with the #MiniEdit hashtag and can be easily tracked via https://hashtags.wmcloud.org across all Wikimedia wikis. Thus, setting a change tag is generally unnecessary, but may be useful for third-party wikis or for specific purposes.



Once installed, simply go to any page and click the little pencil icon that should appear next to most paragraphs. In desktop, you'll need to hover over the paragraphs for the pencil to appear.



Why did it load the regular editor when I clicked the edit button?


If an element isn't unique enough and MiniEdit can't find it in the page wikitext, the regular editor will load as a fallback.

Why does the edit button appear next to some elements but not others?


Currently, MiniEdit only shows the edit button next to paragraphs. List items, image captions, talk replies and other elements are likely to be supported in the near future.



Clone the Gerrit repository to start contributing (see Gerrit/Tutorial). Once your code gets reviewed and merged, it will be copied to MediaWiki:Gadget-Global-MiniEdit.js and will become available to all users in all wikis.



Visit the translation project to help with translations. Your translations will become available automatically to all users in all wikis after a few days, just be patient.

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