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Meza/Version history

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This page is simply a list of released versions of Meza.

Meza 31.x[edit]

  • 31.17.0: Deploy fixes: PECL, SimpleSamlPhp
  • 31.16.0: Bump PHP to 7.4 and Python to 3.6 to fix deploy issues
  • 31.15.0: Bump SemanticCompoundQueries to 2.1.0
  • 31.14.0: Bump SMW and SRF to latest (3.2)
  • 31.13.0: Add new backups-cleanup method
  • 31.12.0: Testing fixes, Add LDAP module, Bump MW to 1.31.12, etc
  • 31.11.0: Hotfix for Composer 2.x incompatibility
  • 31.10.1: Fix for PEAR channel
  • 31.10.0: Fix for PHP 7.1 being EOL
  • 31.7.0: Simplify push-backup settings and make cron configurable and with notification
  • 31.6.0: No longer require encryption of secret.yml; prefer variable-level encryption; fix permissions for rsync-push
  • 31.5.0: Major deploy and autodeploy improvements; Push backups to remote server; Security and general improvements; bug fixes
  • 31.4.0: Make importing from a live server simpler and more secure by not requiring sudo on the remote. Also use a more stable version of ImageMagick.
  • 31.3.0: WatchAnalytics to 3.1.2 for diff in PendingReviews, improved on-page banners
  • 31.2.5: Uses new version of Extension:WatchAnalytics which incorporates ApprovedRevs in PendingReviews. This also requires Extension:ApprovedRevs Version 1.0+
  • 31.2.4: Add tags, debug output, config options, cleanup log files, show less red text during deploys, use safer code in server performance
  • 31.2.3: Fixing bug in Extension:WatchAnalytics
  • 31.2.2: Bump extension versions and use GitHub mirrors instead of Gerrit
  • 31.2.1: Add php_max_input_vars, fix robots.txt, fix bug in Autodeployer
  • 31.2.0: This release has two major changes. One, it bumps Semantic MediaWiki to v3.0.0, as well as updating related extensions. Two, it makes the 31.x branch as close as possible to what is required for running MW 1.32, including some tweaks to Parsoid and Elasticsearch settings, bumping PHP to 7.1, and upgrading Extension:Maps.
  • 31.1.1: Fix for change to Ansible's support of enablerepo option
  • 31.1.0: Fixes for PHP opcache, addition of Autodeployer, bump PageForms versions
  • 31.0.0: Major release bumping Meza to MW 1.31, PHP to 7.0, and many other changes

Meza pre-31.x[edit]

Releases were not consistent prior to 31.x. A 27.x and 30.x branch exist but are not actively developed. Releases will be made on these branches, and fixes will be backported to them, upon user request.