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Meza/Performance monitoring

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Meza provides the following basic performance monitoring functions. Future versions of meza hope to include more fully-featured options (ref GitHub issue #967).

  • Basic performance monitoring (response time and number of hits) is available at: https://<domain-name-or-IP-address>/ServerPerformance/index.php
  • Disk space in the /opt directory is monitored, and can be viewed at: https://<domain-name-or-IP-address>/ServerPerformance/space.php
  • Any user with the viewserverstatus right (sysops by default) can view Special:Serverstatus to see Apache mod_status, Apache mod_info, and phpinfo pages.
  • If enable_haproxy_stats is set to true in /opt/conf-meza/public/public.yml, see the HAProxy stats page at: https://<domain-name-or-IP-address>:1936