Meeting Notes/2016-02-29 Core Fraction

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Actions from last meeting[edit]

  • Joel to draft stakeholder communication, circulate to TPG
    • More tweaks:
      • Use "Core vs Strategic" instead of "Core Fraction"
      • leave date unspecified at "April"
      • Kristen: minimize the mentions of tracking
        • "Jaime is primary user via annual planning split into Core vs Strategic; any other uses of this distinction on hold until April"
    • Kevin to send after 2nd draft provided
  • followup on that email TBD/followup with Wes next week in regular meeting..
    • Just did in this meeting

New Decisions to make[edit]

  • formalize decision on Q3 goals: what is stalled, what is completed
    • Kristen: Get a clear statement from Wes and Jaime that TPG's specific Q3 goals related to Core vs Maintenance are blocked
      • high-level, multi-quarter goal is "Teams can identify capacity for new vs existing work"
    • Wes: It is best to gather feedback from the current Annual Plan process relating to Core and Strategic work before proceeding
    • QR speak: it could be "Blocked". The first milestone is complete enough. The other 2 points are blocked. (although we've techincally achieved goal 3 (live measurement) via 2 pilot teams)
  • status of this meeting going forward
    • Kevin: if we are suspending work, suspend meeting
    • When would we resume? Depends on quarterly goals.
    • maybe third week of April, after quarterly review meetings
    • Wes: After annual Plan is complete, do something to solicit feedback. Do a retro on annual planning and the core and strategic distinction.
    • Kevin: maybe experiment with a mostly-async retro

Review Milestones[edit]


Next Steps[edit]

  1. Joel and Kevin to send the status email
  2. Joel to cancel meeting in Gmail calendar
  3. Wes to start Annual Planning retro planning at the appropriate time