Meeting Notes/2016-02-08 Core Fraction

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Last Week's Next Steps[edit]

  1. Joel to do first draft of email and update via email
    1. Done
  2. Kevin to consider posting 1-2 more questions on talk page to keep discussion moving
    1. not sure


Milestone 1: Getting agreement on the definition[edit]

  • Send out the email and track level of engagement.
    • GG: My teams are discussing it.
    • JA: VE is. KS: rank and file of Discovery not engaging but Annual Plan authors are fine with it.
    • DS: Some engagement.
    • MB: not sure about Mobile teams.
  • Who's sending the email? Joel or Kevin. There isn't a single TPG point of contact for this.
    • Kevin to send. The draft circulated in email isn't final; Kevin needs to finalize and phrase in his language.
    • GG: Uncomfortable with the language about us coming if asked - would need more briefing before being able to represent this issue in discussion (but happy to do it if called upon)
    • Wes: available to come as needed.
  • KS: TPG should have a single owner for this [Core fraction initiative]. +1
    • KS happy to co-pilot. JA taking lead.
  • KS: And we should talk to Lila to understand how it will be used. +1
    • Wes: and Jaime, can speak to it in terms of annual planning.
    • Let's meet with Jaime and Lila to sync up; Joel, Kevin, and Wes. KL happy to join. David. Amy? Wes: not initially.
    • Agenda:
      • Brief on implementation to date (experiment last year, pilot efforts, Annual Planning prep).
      • Trying to get them to engage in talk pages.
      • Level-setting on the definition.
      • Get Jaime's and Lila's take on how the data will be used.
  • KS: hearing some uncertainty about going forward

Milestone 2: Agree on how to measure.[edit]

  • JA: Burnup measurement efforts are already giving us some notion about how to implement
    • Teams don't want to track by tagging each task, but we are finding better ways
    • VE is actively piloting tracking work by Milestone, and testing whether or not the Milestones can be assigned cleanly to Core or Strategic
    • Other teams may experiment with that too.

No further actions necessary this week.

Milestone 3: Measure for 1 week for 1 team.[edit]

No actions necessary this week.

Next Steps[edit]

  1. Kevin to send email. T125577
  2. Joel to book meeting with Jaime/Lila