Third-party MediaWiki users discussion

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This page was offered in 2013 to be the place for third-party MediaWiki users to voice their problems, desires and suggestions and to collaborate with each other and MediaWiki developers in order to improve MediaWiki. It was maintained by User:Mitevam as part of her internship with the Wikimedia Foundation.

The discussion page holds discussions on various topics brought up by users or developers. Anyone is welcome to start a new discussion if the topic they are interested in is not there already. Please join the discussions and give us feedback so we can make MediaWiki better for everyone.

Also, please join the mediawiki-enterprise mailing list, which is meant to be the "other home" of third-party user discussions.

Lists of 3rd party users[edit]

  • List of businesses includes companies that offer MediaWiki consulting, support, installation, development, customization, training, hosting.


A summary of the discussions as of March 2013 can be found at Third-party_MediaWiki_users_discussion/Summary.

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