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Proposed un-delete or fixing page referencing this page[edit]

I propose to un-delete this page, or to fix the page that references it Manual:CSS. I am unsure what the proper way to address this so I am adding my comment under this page's Discussion tab. The Manual:CSS references this page in talking about clearing your cache to force the browser to re-download the css when after changes are made to the MW css, in order to see the changes correctly.

One way that might be good to fix this is either to go into more detail about how to clear your cache, as it is different with each browser and this page may not be complete, or to simply link to a page that has better and more often updated and current information, such as []

Please chime in if you have a better suggestion, or if I should go ahead and make this update. Thanks!

--Stbatduke 4:37, 8 October 2014 (UTC)