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MediaWiki Packagist/dsb

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Manual on MediaWiki Tools
MediaWiki Packagist
Release status: stable
Implementation Plugin for third party software
Description Allows you to download MediaWiki extensions using Composer
Author(s) Pierre Rudloff (Rudlofftalk)
Latest version 1.0.0
License GPL-3.0
Download https://mwpackagist.netlib.re/

MediaWiki Packagist mirrors the MediaWiki extension and skin directories as a Composer repository.

Kak to wužywam?

  1. Add the repository to your composer.json
  1. Add the desired extensions and skins to your requirements using mediawiki as the vendor name.
  1.  Run composer update
  1.  Packages are installed to extensions/ or skins/

If you need a base setup to install the MediaWiki core with Composer, you can clone this repository.


MediaWiki extensions usually provide a branch for each of the maintained MediaWiki version. We convert these branches into a semantic version number. So you need to use your current MediaWiki version (e.g. 1.26) as version constraint for your extensions in your composer.json.

Example composer.json

	"name": "acme/mediawiki-example",
	"description": "My MediaWiki site",
	"license": "proprietary",
	"repositories": [{
		"type": "composer",
		"url": "https://mwpackagist.netlib.re/"
	"require": {
		"mediawiki/AJAXPoll": "~1.26.0",
		"mediawiki/BlueSky": "~1.26.0"

Available extensions

You can find the list of all the available extensions (and their versions): https://mwpackagist.netlib.re/repo/


You can get the code and report issues on GitHub.