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MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle/2023.04

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​We would like to announce the release of MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2023.04. This bundle is compatible with MediaWiki >= 1.38.0 and requires PHP >= 7.4.0.

The next MLEB is expected to be released in 3 months. If there are very important bug fixes, we will do an intermediate release. Please give us your feedback at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:MLEB.

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Release notes for each extension are below.


  • This is the last release of MLEB supporting MediaWiki >= 1.38



CleanChanges and cldr

  • Localisation and maintenance updates.


  • Optionally allow setting a source language for aggregate groups (task T281073)
  • Allow fetching translation statistics for messages with same prefix (task T298966)
  • Fix bug with importing fuzzy translations from .po files (task T323430)
  • Add back-links in various special pages in the Translate extension
  • Use a text-based group selector in Special:ExportTranslations in order to improve usability when a large number of message groups are present (task T331843)
  • Show error message if group being exported has no translations for selected language (task T331824)
  • Display "Translate" tab if a user has permission to translate irrespective of whether public editing is enabled (task T334330)
  • Add support to configure readable and writable translation memory services separately (task T322284)
    • Support for the mirrors configuration parameter will be dropped in the next MLEB release.


  • Localisation and maintenance updates.
  • Fix issues with up/down keys navigation for the ULS menu (task T328956)
  • Remove ULSMobileWebfontsEnabled configuration option (task T332837)