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MediaWiki 1.25/wmf5

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MediaWiki 1.25/wmf4 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.25wmf5 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.25/wmf6

The latest version (labeled "1.25wmf5") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Thursday, 23 October 2014 (see the roadmap).

Core changes[edit]














  • git #0d6a15a3 - Worldpay cleanup: Antifraud filters firing too much
  • git #6565cec4 - fixups for unfork
  • git #6e61b204 - Composer packaging to make us available as a library
  • git #61a52c63 - Delete tests
  • git #bdfa7b46 - Fix WorldPay AVS settings to work with non-(US|UK|CA)
  • git #4eb048fa - Delete tests
  • git #6ef42a74 - function signature glitch
  • git #e0e83a3b - class-ify CurrencyRates
  • git #4e9e6cb7 - Remove JCB logo and add new Carte Bleue logo
  • git #6b7d3b28 - Add tests for Gateway_Form
  • git #28971bb7 - Re-add Australian states, card #1799
  • git #c5505956 - Update cc icons for WP forms card #1822
  • git #a53290e1 - Add country hidden field back to non-US WorldPay form
  • git #125c166c - Rename GatewayForm to GatewayPage to distinguish from Gateway_Form
  • git #9580f95b - one more extract to yank
  • git #cc8ff17a - Follow-up Ib0d0f6c: Fix qqq typos
  • git #fb8cce06 - kill remaining calls to extract()
  • git #76892e65 - Transliterate Worldpay post to ISO-8859-1
  • git #7f062e73 - Use public instead of var in classes
  • git #b394342d - Fix @returns >> @return phpdoc
  • git #0dcf10d2 - WorldPay: Put stripped email in MerchantReference2
  • git #a92d1bae - Add 'id' and 'for' attributes to WorldPay form labels
  • git #f8ed2289 - Remove usage of deprecated Xml::escapeJsString
  • git #c089741c - Simplify fundraising maintenance mode
  • git #2f361303 - Move gateway form logic from execute to handleRequest
  • git #2246b45b - Fix @covers code coverage annotation
  • git #5f3ba528 - Cleaning up the payments error logs
  • git #c473076e - Add a grunt linting checker for jshint, jscs, and banana and pass them
  • git #3d085f8a - Add zip field to Direct Debit Recurring form
  • git #26e5be7f - Add PayPal tests
  • git #df5356e0 - Stop sending realtime Direct Debit messages to civi.
  • git #d2b5ee80 - Cleaning up the payments error logs
  • git #e3231bf3 - Add a 'No valid form' RapidHtml form
  • git #1acf9383 - Consistent use of ellipsis
  • git #0aa71b13 - Whitespace
  • git #6e2ad2ac - GC: Check XML for CVV result, use blanks if missing
  • git #cfcfcec6 - Clear gateway adapter globals cache after tests
  • git #3e31454a - Cleaning up payments error logs, part 1
  • git #828a3614 - RTBT: Fixed some issues with the form template for iDeal.
  • git #6190e5c8 - Fix expiration date message translation
  • git #e574bf5d - Submit form when return is pressed
  • git #f1a6c34f - Fix quotes so converted currencies are logged
  • git #fa496bc5 - Add generic currency fallback with optional notification
  • git #8da8308a - DonationData: cleanup of basic data retrieval
  • git #367dab14 - Don't depend on mediawiki; every RL module implicitly does
  • git #ad97656f - Updating approximate currency conversion rates
  • git #e07ce538 - Show friendlier error message for zero donation amount (bug 56657)
  • git #c20f00d1 - Don't express depednency on jquery (same reason as 193f6a4f06)
  • git #86ad2cb6 - jquery.payment: don't express dependency on jQuery
  • git #fd210144 - DonationData::sanitizeValue: drop extra args
  • git #3ca26023 - reuse code to check for valid WMF transaction status
  • git #910d2250 - FR 1683: Do not submit form if there are errors
  • git #ca2fd4fa - Awful hack to make sure decimal order_ids that are leaking in from
  • git #2cf972a4 - WorldPay Multiple Accounts
  • git #536280c2 - Validate form fields using element ID
  • git #24614d6d - remove test hook from deployment branch
  • git #be9ce019 - Cleaning up the error spew from the orphan recitifier.
  • git #62097eb6 - More Info form block mods
  • git #055614d9 - Taking control of Amazon's payment_submethod.
  • git #132d7068 - Altering the fix_dropdowns function to use DomDocument parsing for
  • git #8cad7f02 - Change all noscript blocks to reference the code-generated block.
  • git #ef058f25 - Base WorldPay Order ID on CTID
  • git #17b5ee6f - Actually reset OrderID
  • git #a0148772 - Tickling Contribution Tracking
  • git #9e1a0a23 - Better WorldPay Status Code Handling
  • git #dc91f6f5 - Remove AmEx logo from form.
  • git #e79ca964 - Adding two new queues/messages.
  • git #b3bb2e3f - Fix noop typo
  • git #f448354a - Remove some cache control complexity
  • git #fb4faf26 - Empty values to not select the first item
  • git #0c78248c - Useful log output for the form select code
  • git #b81b9715 - Provide more descriptive cc error messages
  • git #8f0fc805 - AVS Forcing and Removal of Server Address Check
  • git #3d19e065 - Disable WorldPay form submit button once clicked.
  • git #01b2f548 - Add pattern to US zip code input, to trigger numeric keypad on iOS
  • git #89f1c86f - Make fix_dropdowns more intelligent
  • git #b7683f33 - Do not allow state to be selected
  • git #ff77ba90 - Update i18n shim
  • git #d9c0b961 - Add more credit card imgs to form.
  • git #6c66ef0b - Reorder city, state, zip.
  • git #f75e6513 - Expunge CVV from the data object after use
  • git #359bb2cd - WorldPay: Fixing a badly wounded antifraud check.
  • git #54e8216b - Remove placeholder quotes and de-italicize labels
  • git #5a949e12 - Check fraud results after transaction post process call
  • git #14f7533c - Fix margin on error page for worldpay.
  • git #f227d6b0 - Remove overriding narrative statement
  • git #4577d9ce - Fix paths to i18n files
  • git #5da2f39f - Updates based on feedback from iteration #1.
  • git #3967daa3 - Breaking out the WP css from the js, to correct some timing issues.
  • git #4bcb4215 - Recursively expand partials
  • git #2e594659 - Fix wonky WorldPay form loading
  • git #8a0a0f3a - Bandaged the RapidHTML dropdown sticky mechanism.
  • git #e6b17f04 - UI test for WorldPay, calls the GenerateToken API
  • git #6c78b6a2 - WorldPay: Updating supported currencies list
  • git #5f9c5ee0 - Make sure we always create UTF-8 XML
  • git #8e40f210 - Adding a mechanism through which we can clean and log outbound requests.
  • git #5f8d5213 - Fix form layout and switch position of expiration date and cvv.
  • git #4e5e6900 - Finishing form touches.
  • git #fecf61be - Do not fraud check authorize with full amount
  • git #09829a7e - cleaned up cc validation
  • git #28cc76a5 - More specific credit card validation. Not pretty but it works.
  • git #1f6c4507 - Do GenerateToken call after form validation
  • git #c8c81f08 - Dont continue if API token validation has failed
  • git #89244d52 - Allow anyone to use the WorldPay JS API
  • git #9567a7d8 - Start bug where email is prepopulated
  • git #830d1224 - Minfraud to v1.54
  • git #579e884e - WorldPay form fixup
  • git #f0a32f60 - WorldPay: Adding gateway_txn_id just prior to stomp message construction
  • git #62236ade - Year / Month zero padded
  • git #e96df3b7 - WorldPay Settlement Currencies (or default)
  • git #e1d32321 - Bugfix: we would fail if the xml was compact
  • git #f3f6df4e - Send STOMP messages after the big metatransaction
  • git #e01c603f - Clean up minfraud handling in tests
  • git #ca9e7bf1 - Finish move to Sale API and set payment_submethod
  • git #8df60ae5 - (FR #1533) fix error in unit tests
  • git #868ade4f - Make submethod validation actually work!
  • git #d1340bcc - Unit tests can assert things about form HTML output
  • git #5e1241f4 - Allow circumvention of fraud/authorization for
  • git #21271aee - Agghhhh; silly status codes
  • git #d7de8e18 - Getting rid of WP API warning
  • git #19c8cb61 - Adding result codes to log output
  • git #2d88fb84 - Add $wgMessagesDirs
  • git #a732d26a - Taking care of some HTMLEntities in the cc-vmad form.
  • git #3304b34d - WorldPay: Use the Sale API
  • git #02a1376a - delete glyphicons
  • git #000525fe - WIP worldpay forms sans validated errors
  • git #ae67feb7 - WorldPay: Donations now complete through Deposit!
  • git #43c3840e - WorldPay add error handling
  • git #ec5f03a4 - Some Transaction / Transaction Reponse Cleanup
  • git #447b3769 - Constraint validation
  • git #da189872 - Worldpay form validation
  • git #752e7b25 - Ditching the $opt parameter.
  • git #67a3ac91 - curl_getinfo actually defaults $opt to 0, not null.
  • git #10c6fefb - Removal of all test data from the DonationData object.
  • git #a9a8122c - Safer/more useful/++awesome phpunit tests
  • git #8e95b7c6 - Description for WP result codes
  • git #40efaa85 - WP result codes
  • git #5ddbd97c - Moving the post-transaction addData to a place that makes a little
  • git #25400361 - WorldPay Deposit Request
  • git #693dd83e - Added the cvv and avs antifraud tests to WorldPay.
  • git #b7867132 - Change email address inputs in GC forms to use type="email"
  • git #56a6e8cb - Migrate amazon_gateway.i18n.php to JSON i18n
  • git #08f7a81b - WIP: Added the (renamed) antifraud hook to the WorldPay workflow.
  • git #72eb3b7b - More worldpay; token & auth queries
  • git #584b81d8 - Migrate to JSON i18n
  • git #0a5fd71c - Fixing a problem with gateways finding valid forms.
  • git #85b85153 - Add newline at end of file to unbreak translatewiki.net
  • git #442a8a27 - WIP: Bigger stub for worldpay
  • git #8ab22312 - Adding a component so we can bypass the visual stuff
  • git #a3544659 - Fixing a problem with ewallets, rtbt, and boletos
  • git #da98dcdb - branch_code is constrained to 4 digits for Direct Debit in Spain.
  • git #23cd565f - iDeal and Sofort forms - change amount options to match what we now use elsewhere
  • git #aaf17df9 - Add the default logline prefix to everything that has an instantiated gateway.
  • git #02e75ebd - Fixing up some weirdness we were seeing around language selection
  • git #46ebce58 - Adding constraints and zero-padding for ES Direct Debit
  • git #7bb69eaa - WIP: WorldPay
  • git #01a627eb - Introducting jQuery.Payment
  • git #b6067cad - Found and altered the one place in the code that might explain
  • git #35b9c5d1 - Quieting down the error logs
  • git #7b7ae94e - Big Order ID Refactor
  • git #043f08ec - Removing crufty fields that haven't been used in over 2 years
  • git #7fbaa972 - few more tweaks in an attempt to get Jenkins to run our tests
  • git #73ac2ea6 - Beating up our unit tests until they pass.
  • git #c7c3a5ab - FR #1404 Russian language supported by GlobalCollect
  • git #bc289bf8 - Get rid of form_name parameter.
  • git #e4dd1ddb - omg Czech also wrongly coded
  • git #0ea0e2a1 - correct iso code for Polish language
  • git #0c4228da - It helps to test the full path...
  • git #3aa80f07 - Add MinFraud Query Limit Alarm to DI
  • git #9febbc03 - FR #1311 Amazon Recurring Status Handling
  • git #b7cdc273 - Scary oversight? Trim linefeeds
  • git #56215de8 - Find .version-stamp from the root directory :(
  • git #a4e10719 - Rework version stamp code to align with the production method
  • git #2ffe359c - (FR #1281) Include source metadata in queue messages
  • git #d6f85928 - Remove "credit card" from BPay message, as requested by BPay
  • git #8071664d - Adding VEF currency to GC
  • git #cd84f4b5 - Send the ipnUrl override parameter.
  • git #2fb31af1 - Save current form to the form stack
  • git #254e71cb - More ffname cleanup.
  • git #ec910560 - More debug lines near the formchooser logic.
  • git #3193da55 - Adding a normalize function for payment method and submethod data.
  • git #8aa21b37 - Revert "Log an obnoxious amount of debug data via the form chooser."
  • git #84d5886d - Log an obnoxious amount of debug data via the form chooser.
  • git #a97bb0f6 - Unborking the payments form chooser
  • git #0be8eddf - Stop trying to pull forms that don't exist. Instead, if there is
  • git #49772ac6 - Revert "cleanup rapid js base form error handling"
  • git #379727bd - Disabling all form classes other than RapidHTML, and setting
  • git #e955a029 - i18n: fix double-space
  • git #51eab476 - cleanup rapid js base form error handling
  • git #19188fe2 - Fix to allow the RapidError form to work with amazon payments
  • git #300928e2 - (FR #1174) patch recurring=true hole
  • git #0dc5baac - Removing unsupported countries from the RapidHTML country dropdown.
  • git #5692eb78 - Switching javascript trims to jquery trims to help appease IE8.
  • git #a2f016b4 - Altering a check for field existance to make IE8 less angry.
  • git #f8aaa791 - Zero-padding branch code out to 4, as per GC instructions
  • git #f8f6c61b - (FR #1090) trim inputs before validation
  • git #da5f25a7 - Address warning in GatewayFormChooser
  • git #6fcf0c6c - Wire up the new RapidError form functionality so we can actually use it.
  • git #646dc0ec - Massive cleanup of session behavior.
  • git #030cf94f - Get rid of unused message donate_interface-submit-my-secure-donation (bug 48126)
  • git #63de6ad6 - Allow a GatewayFormChooser Selection Bias
  • git #f39474a8 - Dyanmic Error Pages, Part 1
  • git #b5db96b5 - Random GatewayFormChooser Pages
  • git #f43da2bf - Adding validation for country code
  • git #ebd9149e - Clean up Adyen JS
  • git #8590ca97 - Security tightening, part 2
  • git #ec3d42e2 - PaymentMethod utility class
  • git #f05bc101 - Security tightening, part 1
  • git #a88d3b89 - Check the ssl peer against our amazon cert file
  • git #4f51db11 - Affermative Logging for Adyen
  • git #93be4f1c - rename DonationData->gateway field to reflect new role
  • git #48b30e94 - (FR# 1084) Whitelist for Paypal Xclick
  • git #4e354e91 - Adding logic for no code returning from the CVV and AVS checks in GlobalCollect.
  • git #f6eb8826 - throw MWException
  • git #441a4b0f - Updating Brazil Form Layout
  • git #7702080f - Pass Email Address to Adyen
  • git #e3f8dd3a - Amazon recurring gateway
  • git #bdf2f25b - DataValidator can use boss's methods
  • git #56395c49 - log when in "cache" mode
  • git #78894784 - log if we cannot insert a contribution_tracking record
  • git #78a227d0 - Ok; Don't Sub Currencies...
  • git #e2a57cb2 - Coerce values to null and log banner
  • git #eb3a5293 - Log & Show an Error if There is No Form
  • git #bbd29806 - Allow the Form Chooser to know about Currencies :)
  • git #35193048 - Matt 'Cleaned up' GatewayFormChooser aka Went Crazy
  • git #93629f19 - (FR #987) Fix Luhn Check for Odd Numbered Cards
  • git #9acd9aaa - Starting the Great Form Purge of O-13
  • git #720894db - Removing half a file of css redefinitions for the adyen form
  • git #b43f27a6 - Making sure gateway is recorded in antimessages as well as regular messages, so it can make it into the message header.
  • git #6ed04d47 - Removing currencies that were supported with WorldPay, but are not with Wells Fargo
  • git #a22da4ac - Limiting the GC orphan rectifier such that it will only mess with GC messages in the cc-limbo queue.
  • git #fa9db242 - mv donationinterface.php DonationInterface.php
  • git #f253ec74 - Add some tests to cover do_transaction
  • git #49293e38 - Allowing the OrderID for Adyen to be Resurrected
  • git #eaad559e - Changes for SmashPig/Adyen!
  • git #c75843ea - Fixing minor issues with testing code
  • git #1c64cea6 - Fixing RTBT Methods that were two step
  • git #fc04f20d - Removing PGY as a valid currency
  • git #afde42a8 - Load the phpunit.xml we have sitting in tests/
  • git #fcbf92ba - Get the unit tests to run to completion (bug 48548)
  • git #f19e0f8c - Sandbox cURL, generally make it possible to test (bug 48270)
  • git #9542c28a - DonationInterface gitreview points to right branch
  • git #933be6fa - Lock out PayPal MYR and BRL
  • git #51389a6c - (FR #908) Brazil requires extra personal infos
  • git #1e46daa9 - Nuking recaptcha as cruft that hasn't been used in at least two years on payments.
  • git #6bad51b7 - (FR #901) Recurring Amazon
  • git #b529e384 - Adjustment to the iFrame liberator such that it hides all elements that other resourses might add (skin stuff, whatever) while we're waiting for the liberated iframe contents to load.
  • git #48a42485 - Temporarily removing VND from the list of supported GC currencies as per their instructions
  • git #86e134fb - Display fixes for Adyen
  • git #594c9281 - attempt PayPal localization (bug 46720)
  • git #25e7f3cf - (FR #856) remove last reference to gateway_forms/css/gateway.css
  • git #7638bfae - Change name of Skrill to Moneybookers
  • git #cf74d41d - Remove the ability for us to accept SGD
  • git #029161b2 - convert our active forms to use ResourceLoader
  • git #af895100 - Paypal recurring redirect was broken
  • git #0b700ceb - maintenance notice as gateway form
  • git #d38490ae - Adds the correct our-end success status code to boletos so we can get some logging out of it.
  • git #aebd9649 - Commenting out currency 'TRY' as paypal won't accept in it.
  • git #e7eba413 - pass 'recurring' param on to the gateway
  • git #ea4e24df - Revert "convert our active forms to use ResourceLoader"
  • git #628d4805 - lame dependency
  • git #7a852419 - Change PayPal adapter workflow
  • git #e32d406a - Fix grammar (comma before but)
  • git #62b7fe58 - convert our active forms to use ResourceLoader
  • git #4636da95 - Making the ES DD form readable
  • git #4de278a1 - Better checks for CC numbers in fields
  • git #1efff754 - Change PayPal adapter workflow
  • git #0c0f404f - Fix grammar (comma before but)
  • git #778f064f - Making the ES DD form readable
  • git #cbdd95f0 - Better checks for CC numbers in fields
  • git #29100e40 - CC Numbers are at least 12 digits long
  • git #ccfca98c - set final status after direct debit set_payment
  • git #7acc30cd - Adding logging about currency/amount to DI
  • git #33ae865f - Adding Nicaraguan Cordoba to list of active GC currencies
  • git #8ace1d0e - Check moar fields for CC numbers
  • git #d9c8f44d - Next Attempt at a Luhn Algorithm
  • git #fb2dcfac - un"fix": final status was being set twice after SET_PAYMENT
  • git #4642e376 - Adding the common JPY symbol template to the mix.
  • git #98cc8bc0 - Use double quotes consistently
  • git #cd9f1adf - paypal recurring is set explicitly
  • git #c881aaf5 - Flooring non-fractional currencies in the DonationData class. Apparently just not decimal-formatting them is insufficient for some forms.
  • git #a28a9024 - paypal form to make corrections before redirect
  • git #217dfe97 - Round 1 of Japan Localization feedback changes
  • git #3c89be6d - Fine print on Boletos and direct debit: beware the GC!
  • git #e2a6e184 - (FR #806) log message when STOMP send fails
  • git #ae10e9e2 - direct debit fixes
  • git #96cf53fd - rtl fix for leftmar and rightmar css
  • git #8c058024 - Quieting down some error logs and surfacing some other problems we're seeing with minfraud in production
  • git #6918c944 - Prevent Donors from Using the CC# as a Name
  • git #b39d85c3 - (FR #822) Direct Debit
  • git #b66fcfa5 - Use ' instead of curved one for consistency
  • git #1741b2cd - Making the payments logs less racey.
  • git #0e840a08 - Adding new payment types to the out-logger.
  • git #c1d6b02b - fix required, hidden city input
  • git #902b25a3 - Removing end comments marks from Sofort-GB form
  • git #68dcf0fb - Forms support for Boletos
  • git #818fded4 - Updating credits
  • git #3aee043f - (FR #823) remove address info unless using AVS
  • git #a38cee27 - Removing false alarms resulting from calling set_html_file_path from what should be non-fatal places
  • git #c14fa8db - Adding UTM source to the missing form error log lines so we can tell where they're all coming from
  • git #43ace521 - It would help if I had ever learned to read.
  • git #1c8ca578 - Card 824 - Add Name and Email to EW/RTBT Payment Methods
  • git #77064809 - Adding log error information to RapidHTML form selection process
  • git #d039a554 - Use email instead of e-mail (bug 45461)
  • git #19158bc3 - Card 793 - Adding a new i18n message for bank transfer
  • git #8f06b266 - Fix typo: Paypal -> PayPal
  • git #ee04e20c - (FR #508) New Paypal adapter
  • git #c64c8904 - feed getAllEnabledGateways
  • git #a393fbde - Removing remnants of the name-email test
  • git #b92cf282 - Setting default personal information request to name and email only.
  • git #03d48421 - Adding Special:SystemStatus
  • git #ebaa5bb1 - Adding an address template for HK, adding street2 and removing postal code
  • git #e3ce893b - Adding new iDEAL bank to the adapter as well
  • git #3814ca43 - Adding new iDEAL bank: Knab
  • git #e54c515d - Shunting the final status log line off to a gateway-indifferent syslog bucket of its very own, so we can tail everything at once.
  • git #afa74e35 - Logging Cleanup:
  • git #222aa2d7 - Let's make Amazon work with the form chooser
  • git #79691a4a - Abstract out redirect method
  • git #899e5783 - Making GatewayFormChooser work
  • git #a02b45c7 - (FR #595) Adyen payment gateway
  • git #4423bb87 - Readding Exception Details
  • git #06b1e81a - Removing last vestiges of hard-coded defaults in forms.
  • git #d4b81c6e - Two spaces in translation message (bug 43505)
  • git #2c7a1f2d - Adding back new webmoney things.
  • git #83713b8c - Updating Webmoney to the new template and adding an optional email field.
  • git #c879984e - Quick fix to account for the fact that we have no "down for maintainence" page, and a maintenance window in a minute.
  • git #ecef0b92 - Revalidates data for the orphan rectifier batch operation, and minor fix
  • git #d8d4aa3c - Bandaid for a glitch in the system: If this one line tries to use unstaged data, it blows up on SET_PAYMENT calls.
  • git #ad5b3807 - When we abort transactions to the gateway based on failed validation, write something to a log.
  • git #5a1244de - Adds flexibility to the process of enabling and disabling 3D Secure authentication for various currency/country combinations.
  • git #c8fdb937 - Argh, typo
  • git #d8938451 - Additional logging and a slight reorder of normalization in DonationData
  • git #f7b41e4a - Adds a forbidden country list, and checks the result of data validation before contacting any third party.
  • git #3e211c58 - Even More Amazon Logging
  • git #fc1c871e - Making the gateway function filters usable, with regex and removing abs().
  • git #c0804681 - Preventative and diagnostic measures for some double-fraud checking I'm seeing in the logs.
  • git #620b0172 - Allowing for very specific abuse of our internal fraud score system.
  • git #f905a04e - Both killing a notice that was always popping up on error, and displaying gateway errors to the user for yandex.
  • git #05c248b3 - Adding templates for optional email address and address information for Ireland.
  • git #deb2641b - Making the JS email validation a little better at catching common mistakes.
  • git #a6808b12 - Checking to see if $param is a string before attempting to make_safe()
  • git #bb05f642 - Updating the "more info links" to use a common template.
  • git #805175ee - Remove OrderID Check and Pass CTID to Amazon
  • git #9c98d113 - Grooming common mistakes in valid CA postal codes to make the AVS checks on GC's end happier, and cut down on false fraud detection.
  • git #e5f454f8 - Some CSS removal for RTL.
  • git #782e4a69 - Orphan rectifier changes to override the command-line settings in favor of globals, and additional logging
  • git #1147d106 - Logging out elapsed time in the orphan rectifier so we know how to adjust the cronjob for maximum rectification.
  • git #d0e98a42 - Adding CTID to Amazon Logging
  • git #aa926715 - Adding Monaco to the country lists
  • git #5d8a6578 - Changing the logging that happens when a specified form class can't be found. This should typically denote something pretty weird going on.
  • git #277c0e4d - City/Town seems to be what PayPal uses for GB as well
  • git #d85dbaa4 - Give GBP a £ sign as well
  • git #88a312a7 - Adding custom personal data format for GB
  • git #721d16e9 - TPYO
  • git #5392c622 - some session logging for the resultswitcher
  • git #1a8eeab1 - new iframe liberation, needed for Safari 6
  • git #175cc325 - Additional logging for the payments cluster: Trying to diagnose some particular GC gateway issues.
  • git #e644e147 - payments "emailAdd" field can be optional
  • git #6c25b3e4 - Fixes for DD
  • git #7b931f5f - Adding dd-ES for Direct Debit in Spain.
  • git #5bf76da4 - Tweaks to the orphan rectifier - Explicit cancel behavior, more logging, typo cleanup
  • git #cdc67030 - Adding remaining name and email only forms and adding country-specific instructions.
  • git #ae041c3b - Hacking in a new API call so status 200 Globalcollect CC payments will ever go through.
  • git #80b582b2 - Adding CTID to Session Velocity Filter output
  • git #880b8e0b - Making sure we add an antimessage on transactions we deliberately fail.
  • git #6b62b65c - Falseish when I was trying to look for a zero. So very annoyed.
  • git #c0df0243 - Fixing the stack trace currently being served up by bt and obt transactions
  • git #57e43e70 - Adding the AUTHENTICATIONINDICATOR node to all GC transactions, and defaulting to '0' as per their new instructions.
  • git #d3d884c2 - Readding statics in setNormalizedOrderIDs()
  • git #3e006636 - Changing our not-so-random random number generator to a different random, and a minor bug fix.
  • git #83fafc92 - Removing opt-opt hidden field from the rest of the forms.
  • git #2a779e49 - Cleaning up the new log line on end of transaction, and a lot of bugs I found looking at the output after the first pass.
  • git #c0e2a9a6 - Fixing a typo that was filling up my php error log.
  • git #b8bf3ecd - Adding a final donation status log line, and fixing a couple minor bugs that this surfaced
  • git #76e18f4c - Removing opt-out field. One form only for now.
  • git #9db4ad53 - Changing the setNormalizedAmount function to be less horrible.
  • git #0304acb5 - Unsetting alternate amount fields once we have normalized the amount
  • git #e6f30979 - Switching default city to None
  • git #b6e40395 - Modernize pfp_api_controller.js
  • git #9604ac1c - Remove test code in action=donate API and add setIndexedTagName()
  • git #3955bb08 - Fixes for Form.php, mostly escaping and $wgExtensionAssetsPath
  • git #64ce86b6 - (FR #566) multiple sets of account credentials
  • git #3f0d99e0 - Adding data to the new fields recently added to contribution_tracking.
  • git #d46cfe9f - Adjusting the default fraud point percentage we give for AVS code zero.
  • git #f7246bc3 - random bug, if FormChooser is disabled, Special:SpecialPages will break
  • git #d3af32c2 - Remove obsolete, deprecated and unused GeoIP code
  • git #ad65f598 - Prevention of double-staging requests inside the stageData function.
  • git #9a9d14bc - Warn people not to use jquery.donationInterface.js
  • git #2527d0ae - Fix call to nonexistent method and escape the language code
  • git #db03499b - order_id is pulled from the session when appropriate
  • git #74a58241 - (FR #609) floor all non-fractional currencies
  • git #c8a83fc8 - Maintenance for DonationInterface extension.
  • git #aea97916 - Adds email in a second place to GC's INSERT_ORDERWITHPAYMENT api call, and updates the data in contribution_tracking prior to the redirect to amazon.
  • git #d519c7ec - Removing Amazon check signature requirement.
  • git #53f34204 - Additional ability to customize STOMP queue names
  • git #0da1010e - Fixing Various Amazon Issues
  • git #bf0b9c23 - disable bloody gerrit autorebase
  • git #c71cca5c - Making Amazon payments much more error resistant. AND adding back
  • git #be302034 - Revert "Making amazon work better! :)"
  • git #c4200377 - (FR #592) reencode output from maxmind
  • git #d0c0967b - Making amazon work better! :)
  • git #82950995 - Adding additional logging to amazon payments adapter.
  • git #8b009b4e - (FR #543) quiet about missing optional fields
  • git #5ac89e28 - Bug fix where the API changed for another patch. And this now
  • git #640dcea5 - Removing monthly donation links from credit card forms
  • git #f3de527a - Amazon Simple Payment integration, FR #43
  • git #8cc16b6c - [FR2012 #565] Handle duplicate order IDs being sent to GC
  • git #0f11276d - Fixed a bug I introduced in RapidHTML during the form whitelist refactor.
  • git #ae7e0c16 - [FR2012 #71] Addition of Session Velocity logic
  • git #96c821cc - Boletos support
  • git #f9a2dede - Added a lookup table of national currencies. See bug #428
  • git #8e5536e8 - fix deprecation warnings
  • git #c29b6c40 - Adding 'problems donating' to the cc forms. Adding currency templates for MXP, ARS, CLP, and EUR
  • git #6c16f940 - The function in the form chooser responsible for picking one of the alternatives is approaching reasonable behavior. Still in testing.
  • git #c4b9df44 - Refactoring the way we reference RapidHTML forms in DonationInterface to allow for the possibility of a multidimensional form chooser.
  • git #e1cf0cc2 - Adds the ability to filter the list of all whitelisted forms, for ones that will work for the parameters provided to the GatewayFormChooser.
  • git #db4911e0 - FR #543 get rid of old opt-in fields
  • git #51bb833a - Fix for a logic problem suffered by what appears to be all major international banking institutions that issue credit cards with AVS data.
  • git #bda29179 - Remove double space
  • git #d3963ed8 - Addressing Katie's comments from I61aedf95.
  • git #d87214e1 - Adding forms that will only ask for the donor's name and email to test
  • git #e3b7af85 - Adding basic version of GatewayFormChooser as a gateway-agnostic entry point
  • git #9a20bbc6 - Stupid copy/paste mistake on the exception
  • git #2983c527 - Simplest possible implementation (that I'm still comfortable with) of IP velocity filtering, allowing for defined blocks in either list
  • git #4115ebbc - Switching to protocol relative URLs.
  • git #243bfb07 - (documentation-2012-05-18-1800) Updated documentation
  • git #259f5717 - Fix direct debit processing. FR card #35
  • git #29dbb1c5 - glitches
  • git #309064c4 - * returnTo is set only in globalcollect subclass
  • git #e426540c - Adding the new Argentina rules (and fixing a small things that's been bugging me)
  • git #29b6d90a - Adding better localization for the indication of Rubles. Also adding
  • git #10c4c109 - Additions to the orphan slayer to more strictly check for an antimessage in light traffic. Also acks more error states off the cc limbo queue.
  • git #b8a83d0b - When ffname specifies an invalid form, fall back to the 'default' form.




  • git #4d513594 - Add API list=extensions to get the list of known extensions
  • git #7af6a5b4 - Only include "top level" extension repositories






















  • git #228c12a1 - Wait for all slaves affected by any writes done in MergeUser batches
  • git #8116fa95 - Allow extensions to specify a different database object to use



  • Newly deployed extension





  • git #54cb7014 - sul: Add message overrides for CentralAuth messages