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TriangleArrow-Left.svgMediaWiki 1.24/wmf14 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.24wmf15 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.24/wmf16TriangleArrow-Right.svg

The latest version (labeled "1.24wmf15") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Thursday, 24 July 2014 (see the roadmap).

Core changes[edit | edit source]

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Extensions[edit | edit source]

AbuseFilter[edit | edit source]

  • git #d962b418 - Add "abusefilter-bypass" userright as a hack for GlobalRename page moves
  • git #39fb819b - Don't try to pass non Title objects into RequestContext::setTitle

BetaFeatures[edit | edit source]

CentralAuth[edit | edit source]

  • git #db513e1a - Fix the race condition detection in CentralAuthUser::attach
  • git #a1872b6a - Log $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] for broken accounts debugging
  • git #4d3034b7 - Clear caches if race condition detected in CentralAuthUser::attach
  • git #1459a8d7 - Hack: Prevent AbortMove hook from interfering with GlobalRename page moves (bug 67875)
  • git #7653868e - LocalRenameUserJob: Set 'failed' status for any exception thrown
  • git #18f3cb6d - Add tests for CentralAuthPlugin

CheckUser[edit | edit source]

CirrusSearch[edit | edit source]

Cite[edit | edit source]

  • git #d8006125 - Revert "Provide way for users to find articles with the automatic <references />"

Collection[edit | edit source]

ContentTranslation[edit | edit source]

Echo[edit | edit source]

Flow[edit | edit source]

GettingStarted[edit | edit source]

GlobalBlocking[edit | edit source]

GlobalCssJs[edit | edit source]

GuidedTour[edit | edit source]

  • git #eab5a90e - Consolidate guider css and images and remove unused

GWToolset[edit | edit source]

Math[edit | edit source]

MobileApp[edit | edit source]

  • git #55375a9c - Change infobox background in nightmode per design

MobileFrontend[edit | edit source]

MoodBar[edit | edit source]

MultimediaViewer[edit | edit source]

MwEmbedSupport[edit | edit source]

OAI[edit | edit source]

  • git #579becc8 - Move function xmlsafe from Export.php to OAI extension

OpenStackManager[edit | edit source]

  • git #9cd4a71c - Enable shared storage for new projects.
  • git #9ecd1176 - Don't try to add an instance to the proxy pulldown if it lacks a host record.

PageTriage[edit | edit source]

RelatedSites[edit | edit source]

SemanticForms[edit | edit source]

SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi[edit | edit source]

TimedMediaHandler[edit | edit source]

Translate[edit | edit source]

UniversalLanguageSelector[edit | edit source]

UploadWizard[edit | edit source]

VisualEditor[edit | edit source]

WikimediaMessages[edit | edit source]

Skins[edit | edit source]