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For the most noteworthy changes in this deployment, see #Most important changes and the changes to the release notes.

Deployment of MediaWiki 1.21wmf5 to Wikimedia sites[edit | edit source]

The latest version (labeled "1.21wmf5") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

Deployment started on Monday, November 26 and continue until Wednesday, December 5 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

Most important changes[edit | edit source]

Other languages:
অসমীয়া • ‎dansk • ‎Ελληνικά • ‎English • ‎français • ‎עברית • ‎हिन्दी • ‎日本語 • ‎Кыргызча • ‎norsk bokmål • ‎ଓଡ଼ିଆ • ‎Picard • ‎پښتو • ‎português • ‎українська

Account creation welcome[edit | edit source]

As requested via bug 42215, the title of the page you see on account creation is now "Welcome, Username". To make this, the MediaWiki:welcomecreation message was split into two messages:

Welcome, $1!
Your account has been created.

Do not forget to change your MediaWiki preferences.

Please read what this site is about before editing or uploading any files.

If your wiki has customized the MediaWiki:welcomecreation message and wants to preserve the customization, an admin needs to

  1. move it to MediaWiki:welcomecreation-msg (without leaving a redirect),
  2. remove the "== Welcome, $1==" heading line from welcomecreation-msg,
  3. (preferably) log out and create an account to see if it works.

Otherwise, you only have to translate or check the two new messages on to make them available on your wiki.

Other[edit | edit source]



  • Now formatted numbers in Spanish use space as separator for thousands, as mandated by the Real Academia Española.
  • Kurdish formatted numbers now use period and comma as separators for thousands and decimals respectively.
  • Narayam: removed MyBest keyboard because of failing tests and no documented reference

Template, user script, & skin hackers:

  • The "data", "time", "meta", and "link" elements are allowed within wikitext for use with Microdata (if enabled on the wiki).
  • The HTML5 "mark" tag has been whitelisted.
  • jQuery upgraded from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3.
  • In your wiki's MediaWiki:<skin>.css, h4, h5, or h6 headings in the sidebar have to be changed to h3 to work (more details at and bug 457)


Core changes[edit | edit source]

Extensions[edit | edit source]

AbuseFilter[edit | edit source]

ArticleFeedbackv5[edit | edit source]

CentralAuth[edit | edit source]

Collection[edit | edit source]

ContributionTracking[edit | edit source]

  • git #f49431b - Adding maintenance page to ContributionTracking

DataValues[edit | edit source]

    • Newly deployed extension

Diff[edit | edit source]

DismissableSiteNotice[edit | edit source]

DonationInterface[edit | edit source]

  • git #1570f57 - Allowing for very specific abuse of our internal fraud score system.
  • git #db17163 - Both killing a notice that was always popping up on error, and displaying gateway errors to the user for yandex.
  • git #a4ac178 - Adding templates for optional email address and address information for Ireland.
  • git #795e875 - Making the JS email validation a little better at catching common mistakes.
  • git #ad7d6e5 - Checking to see if $param is a string before attempting to make_safe()
  • git #199c4a7 - Updating the "more info links" to use a common template.
  • git #6ee86a1 - Remove OrderID Check and Pass CTID to Amazon
  • git #4ff16ac - Grooming common mistakes in valid CA postal codes to make the AVS checks on GC's end happier, and cut down on false fraud detection.
  • git #ec8c89b - Some CSS removal for RTL.
  • git #e58262d - Orphan rectifier changes to override the command-line settings in favor of globals, and additional logging
  • git #f42ef65 - Logging out elapsed time in the orphan rectifier so we know how to adjust the cronjob for maximum rectification.
  • git #c4156df - Adding CTID to Amazon Logging
  • git #0de6530 - Adding Monaco to the country lists
  • git #3ce8c2a - Changing the logging that happens when a specified form class can't be found. This should typically denote something pretty weird going on.
  • git #4bc1e3c - City/Town seems to be what PayPal uses for GB as well
  • git #7ab307a - Give GBP a £ sign as well
  • git #8dc58d4 - Adding custom personal data format for GB
  • git #ad24172 - TPYO
  • git #d755093 - some session logging for the resultswitcher
  • git #54590fb - new iframe liberation, needed for Safari 6
  • git #fe364dd - Additional logging for the payments cluster: Trying to diagnose some particular GC gateway issues. With typo fix

E3Experiments[edit | edit source]

Echo[edit | edit source]

  • git #9fb50b3 - Add database replication delay handling to Echo

EventLogging[edit | edit source]

FundraiserLandingPage[edit | edit source]

  • git #62d4fa8 - Adding support for the fundraising maintenance page

Gadgets[edit | edit source]

GeoData[edit | edit source]

GettingStarted[edit | edit source]

    • Newly deployed extension

GoogleNewsSitemap[edit | edit source]

InputBox[edit | edit source]

LiquidThreads[edit | edit source]

  • git #41b64c0 - Drop "My ..." from lqt_newmesages / lqt-newmessages-n

LocalisationUpdate[edit | edit source]

MobileFrontend[edit | edit source]

MwEmbedSupport[edit | edit source]

Narayam[edit | edit source]

  • git #080779a - Fixed bug 41766 - Narayam is not working with hotcat, reftoolbar etc.
  • git #1cb367b - Update rules for Odiya Lekhani keyboard from jquery.ime
  • git #defa96a - Remove MyBest keyboard because of failing tests and no documented reference

PageTriage[edit | edit source]

ParserFunctions[edit | edit source]

ProofreadPage[edit | edit source]

Renameuser[edit | edit source]

SiteMatrix[edit | edit source]

  • git #b16f08c - Wrap native language name with a span and add a lang attribute

SwiftCloudFiles[edit | edit source]

  • git #90da827 - Improved error messages for certain auth failures.
  • git #531e790 - Initialize headers to an empty array like metadata.
  • git #e26d3d5 - Give 404 specific exceptions in sync_metadata().

TemplateSandbox[edit | edit source]

    • Newly deployed extension

TimedMediaHandler[edit | edit source]

Translate[edit | edit source]

TranslationNotifications[edit | edit source]

UniversalLanguageSelector[edit | edit source]

UploadWizard[edit | edit source]

Vector[edit | edit source]

VisualEditor[edit | edit source]

Wikibase[edit | edit source]

WikimediaIncubator[edit | edit source]

  • git #bcd9399 - Rename IncubatorTest to a standard naming, WikimediaIncubator

WikimediaMaintenance[edit | edit source]

  • git #7758e6f - Add option to only output total
  • git #6de1f15 - Only output job queue lengths for wikis that are non zero by default (add option to output them)
  • git #320a76f - Fixed include file name too...
  • git #6fe6b1a - Fixed include path
  • git #c332adc - Output the total of all job queue lengths
  • git #1c3f8cd - Remove duplicate class member variable definitions

cldr[edit | edit source]