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Deployment of MediaWiki 1.21wmf1 to Wikimedia sites[edit | edit source]

The latest version (labeled "1.21wmf1") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, will soon be deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

Deployment will start on Monday, October 1 and continue until Wednesday, October 10 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

Core changes[edit | edit source]

Extensions[edit | edit source]

AbuseFilter[edit | edit source]

ActiveAbstract[edit | edit source]

ArticleFeedback[edit | edit source]

ArticleFeedbackv5[edit | edit source]

CentralAuth[edit | edit source]

  • git #b7b3468 - Quick and dirty script to create local accounts for global users
  • git #0fa87d8 - Show edit link only to user with the editinterface right
  • git #bfb345f - (bug 39371) Special:CentralAuth no longer shows temporary blocks
  • git #3050b90 - Use data-sort-value instead of hidden text
  • git #ff1832e - Fix i18n-problem in SpecialMergeAccount::listWikiItem().
  • git #dc60949 - Maintenance for CentralAuth extension.

CentralNotice[edit | edit source]

CheckUser[edit | edit source]

  • git #ede4937 - Store private data encrypted with a public key

Collection[edit | edit source]

  • git #c09747b - PHP fatal error in /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.21wmf1/extensions/Collection/Collection.templates.php line 351: Call to undefined function number_format_Render()
  • git #2f45a66 - Follow-up Ia01c9da5: Fix many escaping issues.
  • git #062f829 - bug 36328 - Collection: Call to a member function getDBkey() on a non-object
  • git #f980f23 - Fix for Call to a member function getTimestamp() on a non-object
  • git #1feccec - bug 40718 - Collection: Call to undefined method WikiPage::getOldID()
  • git #a0407b1 - Use $wgExtensionAssetsPath instead of $wgScriptPath for the URL path to the extension.
  • git #ebe5893 - Collection maintenance.

CommunityApplications[edit | edit source]

ConfirmEdit[edit | edit source]

Contest[edit | edit source]

  • git #176fa69 - Updated docs to match move to git
  • git #3d48fa4 - Update rel notes for changes from d209d573b4084548e8bfe8ff27adb002c0ddb825
  • git #d209d57 - More maintenance for Contest extension.

ContributionTracking[edit | edit source]

  • git #d2e7fc7 - Adding support for recently added columns in the contribution_tracking database.

DisableAccount[edit | edit source]

DonationInterface[edit | edit source]

  • git #295447f - Adding data to the new fields recently added to contribution_tracking.
  • git #5a31bc5 - Adjusting the default fraud point percentage we give for AVS code zero.
  • git #f0c5443 - Fixes for Form.php, mostly escaping and $wgExtensionAssetsPath
  • git #ce3d1b1 - Remove test code in action=donate API and add setIndexedTagName()
  • git #080bfb5 - Modernize pfp_api_controller.js
  • git #fed0e87 - Remove obsolete, deprecated and unused GeoIP code
  • git #df118db - Prevention of double-staging requests inside the stageData function.
  • git #428caea - Warn people not to use jquery.donationInterface.js
  • git #487bcc1 - Fix call to nonexistent method and escape the language code
  • git #4744626 - order_id is pulled from the session when appropriate
  • git #9a52b83 - (FR #566) multiple sets of account credentials
  • git #3438853 - random bug, if FormChooser is disabled, Special:SpecialPages will break
  • git #f0ef1bb - (FR #609) floor all non-fractional currencies

E3Experiments[edit | edit source]

EditPageTracking[edit | edit source]

EducationProgram[edit | edit source]

ExpandTemplates[edit | edit source]

FlaggedRevs[edit | edit source]

FundraiserLandingPage[edit | edit source]

  • git #75b3207 - Disabling redirect for GB per agreement between the WMF and WMUK for the 2012 fundraiser.
  • git #26be95f - Maintenance for FundraiserLandingPage extension.

Gadgets[edit | edit source]

  • git #124329c - Add "#mw-prefsection-gadgets" to preferences links
  • git #31d5b9a - Replace remaining deprecated wfMsg calls.

GeoData[edit | edit source]

GlobalUsage[edit | edit source]

LastModified[edit | edit source]

  • git #eae940a - Changing wgMainPageTitle to use wgPageName.

LiquidThreads[edit | edit source]

MobileFrontend[edit | edit source]

MoodBar[edit | edit source]

Narayam[edit | edit source]

OggHandler[edit | edit source]

  • git #7090486 - Split out an Ogg player class without MediaHandler quirks

PageTriage[edit | edit source]

ParserFunctions[edit | edit source]

  • git #2763315 - Removed more leftovers of convert reversion

PoolCounter[edit | edit source]

  • git #5f00afa - fixes compile issue on precise / gcc 4.6 (linked libs must come after objects)

ProofreadPage[edit | edit source]

ScanSet[edit | edit source]

StrategyWiki[edit | edit source]

  • git #076ee69 - Add profiling for database interaction methods.

SwiftCloudFiles[edit | edit source]

TitleBlacklist[edit | edit source]

Translate[edit | edit source]

TranslationNotifications[edit | edit source]

Vector[edit | edit source]

VisualEditor[edit | edit source]

WikiEditor[edit | edit source]

WikiLove[edit | edit source]

WikimediaMessages[edit | edit source]

WikimediaShopLink[edit | edit source]

ZeroRatedMobileAccess[edit | edit source]

skins[edit | edit source]

timeline[edit | edit source]

  • git #42b4f55 - Swap join for implode, add mising parameter

wikihiero[edit | edit source]