MediaWiki 1.20/wmf4


Deployment of MediaWiki 1.20wmf4 to Wikimedia sites[edit]

The latest version (labeled "1.20wmf4") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, will soon be deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

Deployment will start on Monday, May 28 and continue until Wednesday, June 6 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

What's new[edit]

Core changes[edit]

  • 9cb4d4a - Update ZeroRatedMobileAccess to master
  • f1b05c1 - Update LastModified
  • f8674a1 - Update MobileFrontend to master
  • 4b41ff3 - Update LastModified ext to master
  • 3b45d99 - Update LastModified ext to master
  • 24172e1 - Update MoodBar to master
  • 43f102d - Update ZeroRatedMobileAccess to master
  • 31205c3 - Update ZeroRatedMobileAccess to master
  • c5e8cc4 - Update PageTriage to master
  • 35a8f32 - Increase maximum IPv6 range block size to /19
  • 38f9222 - Increased uselessly low $wgBlockCIDRLimit default for IPv6.
  • acfc4fd - Update MobileFrontend to master
  • ce9f6c6 - Update ZeroRatedMobileAccess extension to master
  • c8c2450 - Update MobileFrontend to master
  • 387fda7 - Update ArticleFeedbackv5 to master
  • 4ba205b - Update ArticleFeedbackv5 to master
  • 6cd7b93 - Update ArticleFeedbackv5 to master
  • 5e57730 - Update LastModified to master
  • 4791e3d - [FileRepo] Fixed file move data-loss race condition.
  • f1b43b3 - Update ArticleFeedbackv5 to master
  • 8f0df6c - Update ArticleFeedbackv5 to master
  • d9f146a - Fixed bit math logic error in 0e765f8405c3ec1b428994d3149599a7132ae07b.
  • 42d5f19 - (bug 37015) Fix regression: Broken display of "recentchangestext"
  • da7a119 - Update ED to trunk
  • b585cf1 - (bug 36938) XSS in uselang parameter
  • 79538b0 - Update LastModified to master
  • 8328193 - Add LastModified and E3Experiment
  • 6766f33 - Show revdel links instead of checkboxes on pages where there is no multiple log entry revdel form.
  • 9841fd7 - UW to trunk
  • 98db6a1 - Update CentralNotice to master
  • 883dabc - Update ZeroRatedMobileAccess to master 5467979
  • 0081f10 - Update MobileFrontend to master bd79fcd
  • 27eae9f - Bring in latest fixes from master to TranslationNotifications
  • 3c5140e - Updating AbuseFilter to trunk
  • e9322da - Update UploadWizard to master per Kaldari
  • 6198771 - Updating .gitreview to point at the wmf/1.20wmf4 branch
  • 62a81ff - Applied patches to new WMF 1.20wmf4 branch
  • d99b391 - Creating new WMF 1.20wmf4 branch
  • 246a7dd - Revert "Remove old compat methods/functions for mb_ functions"
  • 2815101 - remove windows lines ending
  • 4394040 - Check validity of fetched titles and show a descriptive messages when an invalid title is encountered.
  • e778bf8 - setTitle on a new null revision
  • 221b42e - Fix trailing whitespace (and mixed spaces) in XSD files
  • 1497bd1 - Remove old compat methods/functions for mb_ functions
  • ad2c25f - Revert "Re-phrased titles for diff and history pages"
  • b6c0472 - Removed function_exists() check for header_remove() since it's now always available.
  • a44edf4 - Set title for Linker::revComment on Special:NewPages
  • c82961b - Check validity of fetched titles and show a descriptive messages when an invalid title is encountered.
  • 852221d - Follow up change Ia4147e83: Register new message key
  • e302c67 - [ResourceLoader] Use getLanguage() accessor as the field is lazy-loaded.
  • db08936 - Adding a prefs header for options related to User Pages
  • 69ebd8d - Add some more detailed info about the xslt param of format=xml
  • 2f190c4 - user table: replace some '*' with explicit fields in selects
  • beccc67 - Title.php: replace some '*' with explicit fields in selects
  • 6c2cf98 - Block.php: replace '*' with explicit fields in selects
  • 1a7f80b - Add passing test for definition list with empty definition
  • d2e8dd6 - (bug 4220) dump schema get unique contraints on id
  • 57200c5 - Fix a typo in resources/jquery/jquery.byteLimit.js
  • 1aead61 - Add and fix comments in some includes files
  • 6d55d44 - Workaround for autoloading when using php namespace.
  • 9180ab0 - Make it work in wikis not configured in English. (hardcodes message values) php phpunit.php includes/WikiPageTest.php
  • 41aa27c - Work around annoying Revision::newFromArchiveRow exception.
  • d94a5c8 - Skip legacy archives rows that already have the sha1 filled.
  • bca71b1 - Revert "(bug 30625) Add, to every API upload response, the warnings raised."
  • aad9d5f - Removed checks for the "MEDIAWIKI" constant on files that only define classes.
  • b22063a - When file sha1 populator fixes wrong values, make it fix the other metadata.
  • eea4ece - Added canonical url check for squid caching on view.
  • f27ff69 - Added missing GPLv2 headers in some places.
  • 11b67f0 - [FileRepo] Cleanup of URL config.
  • 92c7c6f - Remove OutputPage::uncacheableBecauseRequestvars()
  • fd17a43 - Refactor DeviceDetection: make it OOP and extendable
  • e2b3d53 - (bug 30625) Add, to every API upload response, the warnings raised.
  • 44ec396 - Added missing GPLv2 headers in some places.
  • 723b886 - [FileBackend] Avoid an extra RTT on Swift listing operations.
  • 4d3620a - HTMLForm: throw a warning when no callback is set
  • 7fc5234 - Scribunto parser support
  • 7c20a00 - (bug 36761) "Mark pages as visited" should submit previously established filter options The form was missing the hidden inputs containing the filter options already selected. This change fixes adds those inputs.
  • 1082c71 - Added missing GPLv2 headers in some places.
  • af988ec - Re-phrased titles for diff and history pages
  • 264a4a4 - added since tag to wikiScript after I wasted a minute finding when it was added - joy!
  • 945ff2f - Adding params to getArrow()
  • 3783b0b - Remove some methods from FakeTitle that do not exist anymore in Title.
  • ac97386 - Messages parsed through MessageCache should never show edit links. Copy to MessageCache.php the r92703 (d70ad8c) fix. Fixes bug 36975
  • a350d68 - [FileBackend] Added some Swift listing profiling.
  • 3bbda78 - Added missing GPLv2 headers in some places.
  • 1aaac4c - Avoid extreme performance regression in ImagePage.
  • 7a0f6f5 - give path when not able to write the thumb
  • dbaec6e - Wrap message querypage-no-updates into a class
  • 3992cd8 - (bug 23844) Add var dataCacheTime to mw.config
  • fc4683a - [FileBackend] Made supported ops check more explicit for sanity.
  • d0facbf - [FileRepo] Disabled ancient migration code, kills performance.
  • 5ef42e2 - Fixed undefined var notice.
  • fa132be - fix for Ibe3e88fa: restoring doDeleteUpdates().
  • 120a3f2 - (bug 36908) Language::isValidBuiltInCode passed an object
  • 68f5001 - Improved/added parameter documentation
  • 24cad34 - [FileBackend] Moved closeResources() call up to parent class function.
  • 3287397 - At least use /*$wgDBTableOptions*/; if passed through MW
  • 79b044a - Document DBO_PERSISTENT in DefaultSettings.php
  • bbb1131 - [FileBackend] Added profiling to doQuickOperationsInternal().
  • 159cc27 - [FileBackend] A few code cleanups and some error message improvements.
  • 930c9f8 - [FileRepo] Use faster doQuickOperations() function for thumbnails ops.
  • 7443931 - Tweak includes/zhtable/
  • 1abcd5e - [FileBackend] Improved connection error handling and logging a bit for Swift.
  • 7b8e963 - empty string test for old page_restricions entries
  • 278bb44 - multi dbms support in api
  • 6e9ca6e - add since tags
  • 0ea2c38 - Fill GenderCache inside ApiPageSet
  • a5e50e8 - prop=revisions: join user table to get user name
  • 268fa20 - Revert "Added RandomRootPage extension ( bug 16655 )"
  • d5bfa3b - Added RandomRootPage extension ( bug 16655 )
  • 0981ec8 - Updating Release Notes about addition of getCreator and getOldestRevision methods
  • 29be04d - (bug 36851) Update autonym for 'bpy'.
  • 6a460ed - Renamed new BagOStuff getBatch() function to getMulti() for consistency.
  • e2aa8b4 - Don't log HttpError
  • d3fd5db - Minor PECL client fixes
  • 059823d - [FileBackend] Removed likely surperflous memcached retry code.
  • 3c62077 - Implemented a wrapper for the memcached PECL client
  • 2df7fae - Add/update function level parameter documentation
  • 908b4d4 - [FileBackend] Added CDN support to Swift for third-party sites.
  • adedb66 - [FileBackend] Added getScopedLocksForOps() function.
  • 15e9fcc - Added missing GPLv2 headers in some places.
  • 843738b - Bug 36785 Special:Shortpages lists only NS_MAIN pages. (pages from all $wgContentNamespaces should be listed)
  • 21b50f1 - Cosmetic change: add a new line after a section title.
  • a12ce17 - Generalizing LinksUpdate to allow extensions to add arbitrary update handlers.
  • 0a5e1bf - Add DebugInfos to api result
  • 4198866 - GROUP BY and ORDER BY supports arrays in Database class
  • 84b8ca9 - Remove extra unneeded whitespace
  • ebc43af - Add includes/zhtable/.gitignore to avoid data files to be committed.
  • 8ffaa46 - Reduced contention slam potential in User::invalidateCache().
  • 456177b - [IP] Added an IP::prettifyIP() function for displaying IPs.
  • b5153c2 - Set $wgLanguageConverterCacheType to CACHE_NONE in installer
  • 94fc70a - exclude immovable namespaces from the namespace selector on Special:MovePage
  • 717e93b - Adding NamespaceIsMovable hook to isMovable in MWNamespace, much like done in Title::isMovable.
  • 0697701 - Various fixes to Special:Mostlinked.
  • aed0328 - fetchLanguageNames: fallback to default instead of false
  • b1e0daa - Make errors from ArticleSave hooks propagate to the interface
  • 5c18fed - (bug 25946) The message on the top of Special:RecentChanges is now displayed in user language instead of content language
  • d086fc9 - [FileBackend] Made it easy to use registed file backend config in multi-write backends.
  • 12ddff3 - Various fixes to Special:Mostcategories.
  • cc39383 - [FileBackend] Syncing from journal support.
  • 9ae175d - Title::moveToInternal doesn't return anything, but it does throw an exception




  • Gerrit change 427 - Bug 36486 - CategoryTree: get_object_vars() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given




  • Gerrit change 2 - Bug 36706 - Collection: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()



  • Gerrit change 99 - Fixed a small bug in the IP velocity filter extra, and made sure it was hard-coded in the off position for the orphan recitfier, until we know it's using the correct client IP.
  • Gerrit change 95 - Adding an IP velocity filter for DonationInterface. It uses memcache, and the php5-memcached library, but should fail nicely if those things aren't installed/configured and the filter is enabled.
  • Gerrit change 4412 - (mingle-fr-2012-448) Adding utm fraud handling for log parser.
  • Gerrit change 59692961 - Tiny cleanup in the orphan slayer logs. Could have something to do with the line endings smooshing after the aggregator runs.
  • Gerrit change 2 - (mingle-fr-2012-448) Fixing nightly fraud emails
  • Gerrit change 7 - Switching all of the values back to numbers instead of strings. Strings cause validation to be performed as strings and not numbers, thus 100 < 5
  • Gerrit change 296 - (mingle-fr-2012-69) Added fraud handling for email domains.
  • Gerrit change 100 - (mingle-fr-2012-69) Added fraud handling for utm_medium and utm_source
  • Gerrit change 4 - (mingle-fr-2012-69) Updating utm_campaign fraud detection
  • Gerrit change 066 - (mingle-fr-2012-69) Adding a custom filter for risky countries.
  • Gerrit change 972 - (mingle-fr-2012-67-fix-class-extends) Fixed the extending class.
  • Gerrit change 13871 - (mingle-fr-2012-67) minFraud servers can now be set in LocalSettings.php
  • Gerrit change 94 - (mingle-fr-2012-67) Upgrade our implementation of MaxMind minFraud
  • Gerrit change 65 - Fundraiser 2012 card #65 Stops the GC adapter (and orphan slayer) from trying to do a cancel_payment where GC will think no payment exists. Also fixes a minor bug that would only pop up in the orphan slayer.
  • Gerrit change 6 - (mingle-fr-2012-67) Upgrade our implementation of MaxMind minFraud










  • Gerrit change 5 - Add missing action messages displayed on Special:Oversight






  • Gerrit change 1 - Remove Wikimedia-specific configuration from the extension.