MediaWiki 1.20/wmf3


Deployment of MediaWiki 1.20wmf3 to Wikimedia sites[edit]

The latest version (labeled "1.20wmf3") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is currently being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages.

We started on Monday, May 14 and will continue until Wednesday, May 23 (see the roadmap).

We will continue to deploy the latest software every two weeks. This is intended to minimize disruption and possible issues, and make it easier to identify the cause of problems, since the possibly problematic code will be much more recent.

What's new[edit]

This set of changes reflects the main line of development activity ("master" in git) between April 30 and May 14:

Core features[edit]

  • (bug 31704) Allow selection of associated namespace on the watchlist
  • Added device detection for determining device capabilities.
  • Language support
    • Mizo (lus) added.
    • Santali (sat) added.
  • git #6178f88 (bug 31704) Allow selection of associated namespace on the watchlist
  • git #223abdc set tidy = true for action=purge&forcelinkupdate=
  • git #0803cf2 Update Chinese conversion table: 海淀山後
  • git #e5614ce Show Highest expansion depth in limit report
  • git #961a8d1 (bug 20189) Added 'Show/hide selected revisions' button and checkboxes to Special:Log.
  • git #6564620d (bug 33928) make diff title page more relevant
  • git #7c9b227 Add CSS class .mw-code (matching <pre>)

Core bugfixes[edit]

  • git #e2e1cbe Changing HD threshold to 1000px per request. Apparently iPhone and iPad use 980px width and the new layout doesn't give enough room to the content area.
  • git #f963ec0 (bug 32604) Some messages needs escaping of wikitext inside username
  • git #81d81c1 fix bug 29002 - in RTL wikis resizable are flipped
  • git #3905be1 (bug 35315) Detect circular references in strip tags
  • git #c7958d6 Show descriptive error message on invalid title instead of showing an empty line
  • git #c6b36a5 Include the namespace of the page in the "target" parameter of the form to confirm display of a deleted file.
  • {{git|I7ac606f2,n,z 6540260] (bug 36669) Installer CSS outdated
  • git #df62131 Use the style for htmlform.tip Vector wide.
  • git #5d7ae11 (bug 35240) Fix mw.loader state machine.
  • git #b818462 Remove UI overrides for simple English.

Developer features[edit]

  • git #096592c Bumping minimum supported version of PHPUnit to 3.6.7
  • git #90986d8 Explicitly specify that filename in filerevert is without namespace
  • git #4ba2754 Upgrade to jQuery UI 1.8.20
  • git #94395dc Add maxresults to list=querypage
  • git #498ef94 Allow custom teardown/setup per module through Qunit.newMwEnvironment
  • git #4910a61 Factor out module name validation into a static function
  • git #426ccbf (bug 19195) Make user IDs more readily available with the API
  • git #a6cd69d (bug 18195) Allow changing preferences via API
  • git #d3fecf5 Added Linker::getInvalidTitleDescription() to display invalid title entries in various places.
  • git #8bab490 $wgGitRepositoryViewers to link to gitweb
  • git #7cf5f38 Move optionstoken from meta=userinfo to action=tokens.
  • git #9464788 Add new-inline-tags to tidy.conf
  • git #f810128 Do not treat EXPLAIN as write query
  • git #cd40d00 Add MWNamespace::isNonincludableNamespace
  • git #691318d Only use per-template profiling for one-time profiling output.
  • git #3dd5c97 Use $wgExpensiveParserFunctionLimit over ParserOptions
  • git #61388cf Use local context to get messages and time formatting methods of Language class
  • (bug 32604) Some messages needs escaping of wikitext inside username
  • (bug 34927) Output media_type for list=filearchive
  • (bug 28814) add properties to output of action=parse
  • (bug 33224) add variants of content language to meta=siteinfo
  • git #61f246a Made WikiPage recall the source of the data used to load its state.
  • git #1f8d091 Append a user name to 'user' module requests loaded by JavaScript.
  • git #bde989e Add support for User:0 in 'user' and 'user.groups' ResourceLoader modules.
  • git #79dc96f Added a class to body which enables/disables layout transitions
  • git #d6c651f Add user talk page in newusers log to LinkBatch
  • git #57975e2 Adding new getCreator and getOldestRevision methods to WikiPage class.
  • git #a4b3979 [SiteStatsUpdate] Added support for memcached staging of stats updates.
  • git #8653acc Integrating mobile device detection class into MW core

Developer fixes[edit]

Unsorted extension changes[edit]




  • git #839dde7 Merge "Cosmetics: Removing redundant text-align, which looks bad in RTL wikis"
  • git #04d0e6e Merge "Give the action description explicit ltr directionality."
  • git #8ca1496 Give the action description explicit ltr directionality.




  • git #3e25bd0 Tidy up a few last loose ends from git additions
  • git #0802880 Use git in error message if using git functions


  • git #85e34e2 Fixed function signature warning for pageData().
  • git #8b321bf Clarified "average review delay" stat.
  • git #6cc3da2 Merge "Removed excess "edit" permission checks that "review" checks and the onGetUserPermissionsErrors hook already handle."
  • git #1c1449a Removed excess "edit" permission checks that "review" checks and the onGetUserPermissionsErrors hook already handle.


  • git #87207db Merge "Add commented lines for the user rights of this extensions"







  • git #f20e752 Work-around for $this failure in closures in PHP < 5.4.
  • git #f83d98d Merge "Fixed messy and semi-correct checks for empty container names."
  • git #f0b5237 Merge "Fixed another check for an empty container name."
  • git #57cb08a Fixed another check for an empty container name.
  • git #de9d039 Added support for $delim parameter in get_objects().
  • git #c3ba5cb Fixed messy and semi-correct checks for empty container names.
  • git #b924211 Added support for concurrent write operation and made some code cleanups.
  • git #165a5af Verbatim forked the current cloudfiles dir into a wmf one.



  • git #579d9c7 (bug 36006) You will now get a confirmation prompt if you try to navigate away from Special:Translate while you have translation editors open to avoid accidental loss of unsaved work.
  • git #15c83b5 Reduce precision of percentages in statistics tables at Special:LanguageStats and Special:MessageGroupStats to make it less noisy and more readable.


  • git #f6bb9ad (bug 35474) Making link appearance in bar saner for edge cases: The language of the current page is always shown in bold, and links only point to Special:Translate if the target translation page doesn't exist at all (as opposed to just being 0% translated).
  • git #21c2dcd (bug 36296) On Special:AggregateGroups, the form for adding new aggregate groups is reset before adding another new group.
  • git #28a216d (bug 36108) The translation editor no longer prints warnings when it is shown to anonymous user who doesn't have right to translate.
  • git #ee8124f Handle correctly groups which have a comma in their name. This fixes the problem trying to group Wikimedia Highlights under an aggregate group.
  • git #8ecec1a (bug 35475) Remove deprecated languages from language selectors on Special:Translate and other places.
  • git #f284729 Message index creation can now be configured to run immediately. You should no get anymore false warnings about unknown messages when the jobqueue is stuck.
  • git #26b7042 Avoid division by zero warnings for groups with zero messages in Special:LanguageStats and Special:MessageGroupStats
  • git #41cad96 Page protection confuses page translation (this fix is actually not working the WMF environment and needs follow up)

Other development or not applicable on WMF[edit]




  • git #c256ea7 Fix fatal error in parse.js
  • git #b1bd0d7 Don't eat end token in ListHandler, and lazier Quote handler registration
  • git #0a7f0b7 List markup is created during the sync23 phase.
  • git #909633e Improve template / tplarg precedence in tokenizer
  • git #8a30f76 Use upright option, including the 0.75 default width
  • git #57dfd89 Handle upright option properly
  • git #c4fc750 Add basic # REDIRECT handling
  • git #6ab0173 Only specify the width for thumbnails to keep the aspect ratio
  • git #6139398 Reduce debugging overhead a bit, and provide default internal image size
  • git #6e21f6b Forward-port Cite extension



  • git #059b57b Use context instead of globals
  • git #09f367a Make analyzePrefix accept Title objects and use TitleIsAlwaysKnown hook
  • git #66f82ce Merge "Adding myself as one of the authors. I am helping to programme this extension on an external repository."


Developers have also improved the software "under the hood" in many ways. A more detailed list of changes can be found in the draft release notes.

If you encounter issues[edit]

If, despite our efforts, you encounter issues due to the upgrade; we'll try and fix them as soon as we can. Please report issues in our bug tracker, which is where we look for reports of problems. And the faster you tell us about problems, the faster we can address them.