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MediaWiki 1.18/FAQ

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This page documents issues that people have run into while trying to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.18 or install MediaWiki 1.18.

An extension (SyntaxHighlight GeSHi, or QrCode, for example) I've installed using Extension Distributor doesn't have the necessary files in it.
Extensions with external SVN dependencies might be shipping without them, currently. We're working on getting the problem fixed.
When going to the Special:Nuke page for a user, I end up on the wrong page.
Try applying r82163 and r100182.
After visiting a page and being required to log in, my users end up on Special:Badtitle instead of the right page
Try applying r104505. That should fix the problem.
I'm getting errors in my logs about Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript()
The problem is with the custom skin you have. We're trying to decide whether we will still support that function before we finally remove it. See also Hooks/MakeGlobalVariablesScript
I'm seeing wfProfileIn errors after upgrading. or "I'm seeing fatal errors about includes/ProfilerStub.php being missing"
This is caused by bad configuration inside your StartProfiler.php. If you do not need profiling functionality simply delete your StartProfiler.php. If you do need it then you should remove the require_once line inside the file and allow the autoloader to do it's work. You may want to consider deleting your StartProfiler.php and moving your config to LocalSettings.php.
Blocked user trying to edit gets an error
Try this patch
The LinkSearch page white screens and the error log shows undefined $out errors
Merging the changes in r96774 will fix this.
I'm getting errors about stdClass::$user_options
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$user_options in /home/mah/work/code/mediawiki/1.18/phase3/includes/User.php on line 1083
Try this patch.
When $wgEnotifUseRealName is enabled, some URLs are broken because the username is replaced by a realname
Try merging r99942.
DBA caching backend is broken in MW 1.18 ($dir is an array)
This is caused by a refactoring of the object cache backends. Patch of revision r105419 should fix it.
Private Wiki users are always taken to Special:Badtitle on successful login
This is only impact users of privates Wiki. Patch for 1.18.1 is r106171.
Upload image, delete and upload it again causes database error with postgresql
Uploading any attachment, deleting it, and then uploading it again will cause a stack trace to be generated when using PostgreSQL. A workaround is to use this branch.