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It's written here:

"function output, called from function finalCleanup in Wiki.php. It calls function outputPage in Skin.php."

but it seems when I analyze the code that outputPage is called in SkinTemplate.php and not in Skin.php?

Nicolas bourdon

When add category add table too[edit]

Hi everyone, At this OutputPage.php i have one condition. So if create Category, then we can added text or table too,which form that must be i change? Please give me suggestion, thank you.

after installation of mediawiki 1.29 i get the search - error[edit]

After installation of mediawiki 1.29 with import of a functioning mw1.27 sql- database from xampp mw1.27 (export and import by mysqldum) i get the search - error

[Wkp3@8CoLbQAAGMgo0oAAAD4] /index.php?search=shivar&title=Spezial%3ASuche&go=Seite Error from line 3978 of /mnt/web020/a1/95/51478895/htdocs/wiki129/includes/OutputPage.php: Class 'OOUI\MediaWikiTheme' not found

on :

the same on

The problem is connected with a search-problem of not existing words like gurur instead of guru etc.

(of course php maintenance/update made!) php maintenance/rebuildtextindex.php --- does not help

P:S Solved it by installiing composer with curl-method of