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WMF configuration[edit]

Configured as follows in WMF InitialiseSettings.php:

'wgMaxArticleSize' => array(
	# Increased from 1024 to 2000 to alleviate problems with template expansion
	# limits in AfD archives -- TS
	'default' => 2000,

Leucosticte (talk) 21:05, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

Updated info on WMF config[edit]

Wikimedia uses MediaWiki's default value (as of Sept 2018, this is 2048). -- ArielGlenn (talk) 12:26, 10 September 2018 (UTC)

truncated article is not as big as it should be[edit]


We are getting "WARNING: template omitted, post-expand include size too large" comments on a large article on our corporate Wiki, which is supposed to be indicative of post-expand page size larger than $wgMaxArticleSize.

This setting is currently defined in our DefaultSettings.php to $wgMaxArticleSize = 2048; and has not been overridden in LocalSettings.php.

I have, however, copy-pasted the HTML source of such rendered page on a text file and, to my surprise, the resulting file is only 564 kb - only about 25% of the max size!

Do the rendered images count when checking the page size against $wgMaxArticleSize?

There are no images on the article, except multiple (697, to be accurate) repetitions of the same fontawesome folder_open icon, as exemplified by the image below:

Annotation 2019-04-22 172250.png

How exactly is the page size calculated and how can I optimize the page to use less space in such a case?

Thanks in advance

Ambiguous and confusing[edit]

The variable name refers to "ArticleSize", and the prose refers to "the text of the revision" and "page size", all suggesting that this is about file size. But the prose also speaks of post-expand include size, a completely different animal. Since max PEIS is in fact 2048 kB, one might reasonably conclude that this is about PEIS, not file size. But the ambiguity has added some confusion to an already-confused situation, and it should be eliminated by clarification of the prose (I understand that a change to a better variable name could be problematic). Mandruss (talk) 01:21, 26 February 2020 (UTC)