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Latest comment: 3 years ago by Alastair B. Campbell in topic This is still a useful option

An example would be nice of how to code this ... for us who are not freakin programmers.

You put this line in LocalSetttings.php $wgAllowImageTag = true; That's all. Both percentage and pixel works i.e. <img src="filename.jpg" width=50%> or <img src="filename.jpg" width=5400px>

This is still a useful option[edit]

I am using this option to embed an external SVG file (a GitLab pipeline status badge) on a Mediawiki page for our internal documentation Wiki. I understand the reason to deprecate this option but I would say it should remain until embedding SVG is possible through the normal method. Alastair B. Campbell (talk) 23:04, 7 August 2020 (UTC)Reply