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uppercaseTitlesForUnicodeTransition.php is a maintenance script that renames titles when changing behavior of Language::ucfirst() . This script skips User and User_talk pages for registered users, as renaming of users is too complex to try to implement here. Use something like Extension:Renameuser to clean those up; this script can provide a list of user names affected.


オプション 説明 必須かどうか 既定
--charmap Character map generated by maintenance/language/generateUcfirstOverrides.php 必須
--user System user to use to do the renames. 省略可能 User:Maintenance script
--steal If the username specified by --user exists, specify this to force conversion to a system user. 省略可能
--run If not specified, the script will not actually perform any moves (i.e. it will dry-run). 省略可能
--prefix When the new title already exists, add this prefix. 省略可能
--suffix When the new title already exists, add this suffix 省略可能
--reason Reason to use when moving pages. 省略可能
--tag Change tag to apply when moving pages. 省略可能
--tables Comma-separated list of database tables to process. 省略可能
--userlist Filename to which to output usernames needing rename.
This file can then be used directly by renameInvalidUsernames.php maintenance script


php maintenance/uppercaseTitlesForUnicodeTransition.php --charmap charmapfile [ --user| --steal| --run| --prefix| --suffix| --reason| --tag| --tables| --userlist ]

First generate the upper character table through generateUpperCharTable.php


Now pass created file as --charmap in uppercaseTitlesForUnicodeTransition.php