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syncFileBackend.php file is a maintenance script that syncs one file backend to another based on the journal of later.


Option Beschreibung Notwendig Standardwert
--src Name of backend to sync from Notwendig
--dst Name of destination backend to sync Notwendig
--start Starting journal ID Optional 0
--end Ending journal ID Optional INF (infinite)
--posdir Directory to read/record journal positions Optional
--posdump Just dump current journal position into the position dir. Optional
--postime For position dumps, get the ID at this time Optional
--backoff Stop at entries younger than this age (sec) Optional 0
--verbose Verbose mode Optional


php maintenance/syncFileBackend.php --src sourceBackend --dst destinationBackend [ --start|  --end| --posdir| --posdump| --postime| --backoff| --verbose ]

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