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Versiones de MediaWiki:
1.16 – 1.35


sqlite.php file is a maintenance script for tasks specific to SQLite backend. This script has been moved to SqliteMaintenance.php in MediaWiki 1.36.


Option Description Required?
--vacuum Executes VACUUM command that compacts the database and improves its performance. Optional
--integrity Performs integrity check of the database. If no error is detected, a single "ok" will be displayed, otherwise the script will show up to 100 errors. Optional
--backup-to Backups the database to the given file. Optional
--check-syntax Checks SQL files for compatibility with SQLite syntax. This option is intended for developer use. (Added in MediaWIki 1.17) Optional

All these options can be used at the same time.


php maintenance/sqlite.php [ --vacuum| --integrity| --backup-to| --check-syntax ]

Checking integrity


Vacuum Operation


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