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Section editing is the practice of editing a particular section on a page by clicking on the "edit" (or "edit source") link next to a subheading.

Enabling and disabling section links[edit]

Section editing is a default feature of MediaWiki but can be disabled in a number of ways, as is explained below. Disabling is especially useful when a heading is created from within a template: the normal wiki section-edit would in this case edit the template code, which is normally counterintuitive to the user.


editsection is a user right that can be used in your LocalSettings.php file.

For instance, to hide the section edit links for users who are not logged in, change the value of the $wgLocalSettings.php configuration option:

Edit LocalSettings.php and add the line:

#disable section edit links for anonymous viewers
$wgDefaultUserOptions ['editsection'] = false;
From version 1.23 onwards, the section editing links need to be disabled via site-wide or user CSS, see T54811 for details on the change.
MediaWiki:Common.css: .mw-editsection { display:none!important; }

editsectiononrightclick ("0" by default) is a user right that allows editors to edit sections by right-clicking on the subheading (JavaScript feature).

Magic word[edit]

The Magic word __NOEDITSECTION__ can be used to hide all section edit links on a particular page.

This magic word is transcludable, meaning that it can be embedded in a template in order to disable section editing on all pages where this template is used.

Placing and styling section links[edit]


In Vector and other skins, the section link has the following CSS class: