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RenderedRevision represents the rendered representation of a revision. It acts as a lazy provider of ParserOutput objects for the revision's individual slots, as well as a combined ParserOutput of all slots. It implements the SlotRenderingProvider.


If you have access to the RevisionRecord , you can use the RevisionRenderer . For instance,

$renderer = MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getRevisionRenderer();
$revision = $renderer->getRenderedRevision( $revisionRecord, $options, null );

Public methods[edit]

  • setSaveParseLogger() - set logger with LoggerInterface.
  • isContentDeleted() - whether the revision's content has been hidden from unprivileged users.
  • getRevision() - get the RevisionRecord.
  • getOptions() - get ParserOptions.
  • getRevisionParserOutput() - get the ParserOutput for the revision.
  • getSlotParserOutput() - get the ParserOutput for the given slot role.
  • updateRevision() - update the RevisionRecord after the revision has been saved. This can be used to discard a cached ParserOutput so parser functions/magic words like {{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} or {{REVISIONID}} are re-evaluated.

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