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purgeList.php file is a maintenance script to send purge requests for listed pages to squids.

If you feed this script with page names instead of URLs, or use the option to purge all pages, it will only send cache purge request to pages using its internal URL form, ignoring any customization made in the TitleSquidURLs hook. See task T183628.


php purgeList.php --purge < purge.txt

where purge.txt contains a list of URLs or pagenames to be regenerated.


Opción/parámetro Descripción
--namespace=number Namespace number. Use it to purge all pages from the given namespace (you don't have to pass a list of pages when using this option).
--all Purge all pages (you don't have to pass a list of pages when using this option) MW 1.21+
--purge Whether to update page_touched
--delay=number Number of seconds to delay between each purge MW 1.21+
--verbose Show more output MW 1.21+

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