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populateCategory.php file is a maintenance script to populate the category table. Σε αυτόν τον πίνακα καταγράφεται πόσα άρθρα, αρχεία και υποκατηγορίες υπάρχουν σε μία κατηγορία. It is also used for displaying information on Special:Categories page. This script is automatically run by update.php if updating from before MediaWiki 1.13.

This script was removed for MediaWiki version 1.36 and later.

If you have incorrect counts of how many articles are in a category, see Manual:recountCategories.php instead.


Option Description Required?
--begin Only do categories whose names are alphabetically after the provided name Optional
--throttle Wait this many milliseconds after each category. Default: 0 Optional
--force Run regardless of whether the database says it's been run already Optional


php maintenance/populateCategory.php [ --begin| --throttle| --force ]
When the script has finished, it will make a note of this in the database, and will not run again without the --force option.

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