The mysql.php maintenance script executes the MySQL client binary by connecting to the wiki's database. It takes credentials from LocalSettings.php and logs in to MySQL client.


Option Description Required
--write Connect to the primary database Optional
--group Specify query group Optional
--host Connect to a specific MySQL server Optional
--list-hosts List the available database hosts Optional
--cluster Use an external cluster by name Optional
--wikidb The database wiki ID to use if not the current one Optional


php maintenance/mysql.php [ --write| --group| --host| --list-hosts| --cluster| --wikidb ]

Log in to MySQL client[edit]


List database hosts[edit]


Log in to MySQL client with cluster[edit]

If you use a database cluster to run your wiki with $wgExternalServers, you can use the --cluster option to log in.

$wgExternalServers = [
	'demoCluster' => [
		[ 'host' => '', 'user' => 'userM',  'password' =>'pwdM',  'dbname' => 'dbM',  'type' => "mysql", 'load' => 1 ],
		[ 'host' => '', 'user' => 'userS1', 'password' =>'pwdS1', 'dbname' => 'dbS1', 'type' => "mysql", 'load' => 1 ],
		[ 'host' => '', 'user' => 'userS2', 'password' =>'pwdS2', 'dbname' => 'dbS2', 'type' => "mysql", 'load' => 1 ]

Common error[edit]

Error: invalid cluster

This error occurs when an invalid or non-existent cluster name is given to the script.

Error: this script only works with MySQL/MariaDB

This error occurs when you run the script on a wiki that uses sqlite.

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