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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Mwdocgen.php and the translation is 27% complete.

mwdocgen.php is a MediaWiki maintenance script that generates class and file reference documentation for MediaWiki using doxygen.

If the DOT language processor is available, attempt call graph generation.


php mwdocgen.php [<command>] [<options>]
Opcja/Parametr Opis
--all Process entire codebase.
--includes Process only files in includes/ directory.
--languages Process only files in languages/ directory.
--maintenance Process only files in maintenance/ directory.
--skins Process only files in skins/ directory.
--files <file> Process only the given file.
--no-extensions Process everything but extensions directories.
--output <dir> Set output directory (default $doxyOutput).
--generate-man Generates manual page documentation.
--help Shows the help and exit.

Znane błędy

  • pass_thru seems to always use buffering (even with ob_implicit_flush()), that make output slow when doxygen parses language files.
  • the menu doesn't work; it got disabled at revision 13740. We need to code it.

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