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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:MigrateComments.php and the translation is 7% complete.
Версии MediaWiki:
1.30 – 1.39


migrateComments.php is a maintenance script that migrates comments from pre-1.30 columns to the 'comment' table.

$wgCommentTableSchemaMigrationStage needs to be set to MIGRATION_WRITE_NEW or MIGRATION_NEW for the script to do the migration.

While migrating comments in a table, the script assumes any rows with the ID field non-zero (e.g. ar_comment_id non-zero) have already been migrated. Also it assumes the new field name is the same as the old with '_id' appended. It blanks the old fields while migrating.

The script migrates the following columns:

Table Old column New column
revision rev_comment revcomment_comment_id
archive ar_comment ar_comment_id
ipblocks ipb_reason ipb_reason_id
image img_description imgcomment_description_id
oldimage oi_description oi_description_id
filearchive fa_deleted_reason fa_deleted_reason_id
filearchive fa_description fa_description_id
recentchanges rc_comment rc_comment_id
logging log_comment log_comment_id
protected_titles pt_reason pt_reason_id

The comments are finally stored in the column comment_text in the comment table.

To improve performance during the run-time of this script, for the tables revision and image, a temporary table named revision_comment_temp and image_comment_temp is being used during the migration. These two tables will be merged with the tables revision and images again in the future.


php migrateComments.php

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