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Manual:Interwiki cache

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MediaWiki has a database table (interwiki table) for interwiki prefixes. This is by default used directly, but two types of caching can be used for better performance.

Database and memcached[edit]

When memcached is enabled, the interwiki prefixes of the database table will be cached too. This can be controlled using the $wgInterwikiExpiry setting.

This cache can be cleared using the clearInterwikiCache.php script. It removes the caching based on the prefixes found in the database table.

Interwiki cache[edit]

The $wgInterwikiCache variable can be set to a static array that will be used instead of the database table, thus achieving even better performance by removing latencies to memcached and avoiding the database queries to populate a cache.

The array is typically storing in a PHP file containing <?php return array( .. ); and loaded by assinging it to $wgInterwikiCache with require.

MediaWiki does not currently provide a built-in script to build such a cache file (T35395), however extension WikimediaMaintenance contains dumpInterwiki.php which is a WMF-specific script.

The $wgInterwikiScopes and $wgInterwikiFallbackSite settings are used when reading this cache.

Setting this up on your own wiki[edit]

  • You will need a copy of extension/WikimediaMaintenance; place this in the extensions directory in the root of your MediaWiki installation.
  • Retrieve the files all.dblist, special.dblist, and langlist and put them someplace (e.g. in a subdir in the base of your MediaWiki installation) for convenience.
  • Edit extension/WikimediaMaintenance/dumpInterwikis.php and change the path /srv/mediawiki for those three files to the path to the directory where you just put them.
  • From the base of your MediaWiki installation, do
    echo 'print WikiMap::getCurrentWikiId();' | php maintenance/eval.php
Add this value to all.dblist, assuming it's not already in there. If it does not start with a known language code (e.g. it is, say, 'wikitech-mw_' instead of something nice like 'frwiktionary'), add it also to special.dblist. You can check the language codes in the langlist file you copied over.
  • From the base of your MediaWiki installation, do
    php extensions/WikimediaMaintenance/dumpInterwiki.php > cache/new-interwikis.php
    or in versions since MediaWiki 1.40:
    ./maintenance/run extensions/WikimediaMaintenance/dumpInterwiki.php > cache/new-interwikis.php
  • From the base of your MediaWiki installation, make a copy of any existing cache/interwiki.db file you may have and then do
    cp cache/new-interwikis.php cache/interwiki.php
  • Edit LocalSettings.php and add
    $wgInterwikiCache = require "$IP/cache/interwiki.php";

Now shortcuts and all other iw links should work for your project. Note that if you added it to 'special.dblist', it will behave as though it is a 'wikipedia' with en as the default language.