Manual:Interface/Special pages title


Special pages title messages contain the title of special pages. They don't accept wiki markup.

List of messages:

Message Definition
MediaWiki:Allmessages System messages
MediaWiki:Allarticles - Special:Allpages (MediaWiki:Allpages is used in the navigation bar.) All pages
MediaWiki:Ancientpages Oldest pages
MediaWiki:Blankpage Blank page
MediaWiki:Blockme ( < 1.22 ) Block me [1]
MediaWiki:Blockip Block user
MediaWiki:Booksources Book sources
MediaWiki:Brokenredirects Broken redirects
MediaWiki:Categories Categories
MediaWiki:Confirmemail Confirm email address
MediaWiki:Contributions User contributions
MediaWiki:Deadendpages Dead-end pages
MediaWiki:Deletedcontributions Deleted user contributions
MediaWiki:Disambiguations ( < 1.22 ) Pages linking to disambiguation pages [2]
MediaWiki:Doubleredirects Double redirects
MediaWiki:Emailuser Email this user
MediaWiki:Export Export pages
MediaWiki:Fewestrevisions Pages with the fewest revisions
MediaWiki:Fileduplicatesearch Search for duplicate files
MediaWiki:Filepath ( < 1.22 ) File path [3]
MediaWiki:Imagelist ( < 1.24 ) File list[4]
MediaWiki:Import Import pages
MediaWiki:Invalidateemail Cancel email confirmation
MediaWiki:Ipblocklist Blocked users
MediaWiki:Linksearch External links search
MediaWiki:Listgrouprights User group rights
MediaWiki:Listredirects List of redirects
MediaWiki:Listusers User list
MediaWiki:Lockdb Lock database
MediaWiki:Log Logs
MediaWiki:Lonelypages Orphaned pages
MediaWiki:Longpages Long pages
MediaWiki:Mimesearch MIME search
MediaWiki:Mostcategories Pages with the most categories
MediaWiki:Mostimages Most linked-to files
MediaWiki:Mostlinked Most linked-to pages
MediaWiki:Mostlinkedcategories Most linked-to categories
MediaWiki:Mostlinkedtemplates Most transcluded pages
MediaWiki:Mostrevisions Pages with the most revisions
MediaWiki:Newimages Gallery of new files
MediaWiki:Newpages New pages
MediaWiki:Popularpages ( < 1.25 ) Popular pages [5]
MediaWiki:Preferences Preferences
MediaWiki:Prefixindex All pages with prefix
MediaWiki:Protectedpages Protected pages
MediaWiki:Protectedtitles Protected titles
MediaWiki:Recentchanges Recent changes
MediaWiki:Recentchangeslinked Related changes
MediaWiki:Revisiondelete Delete/undelete revisions
MediaWiki:Resetpass ( < 1.23 ) Change password [6]
MediaWiki:Search Search
MediaWiki:Shortpages Short pages
MediaWiki:Specialpages Special pages
MediaWiki:Statistics Statistics
MediaWiki:Uncategorizedcategories Uncategorized categories
MediaWiki:Uncategorizedimages Uncategorized files
MediaWiki:Uncategorizedpages Uncategorized pages
MediaWiki:Uncategorizedtemplates Uncategorized templates
MediaWiki:Undelete View deleted pages
MediaWiki:Unlockdb Unlock database
MediaWiki:Unusedcategories Unused categories
MediaWiki:Unusedimages Unused files
MediaWiki:Unusedtemplates Unused templates
MediaWiki:Unwatchedpages Unwatched pages
MediaWiki:Upload Upload file
MediaWiki:Userlogin ( < 1.29 ) Log in / create account [7]
MediaWiki:Userlogout Log out
MediaWiki:Userrights User rights
MediaWiki:Version Version
MediaWiki:Wantedcategories Wanted categories
MediaWiki:Wantedfiles Wanted files
MediaWiki:Wantedpages Wanted pages
MediaWiki:Wantedtemplates Wanted templates
MediaWiki:Watchlist Watchlist
MediaWiki:Whatlinkshere What links here
MediaWiki:Withoutinterwiki Pages without language links