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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Html.php and the translation is 33% complete.

Before 1.40.1:

Html.php contains the Html class. This class is a collection of static functions that serve two purposes:

  1. Implement any algorithms specified by HTML5, or other HTML specifications, in a convenient and self-contained way.
  2. Allow HTML elements to be conveniently and safely generated, like the current Xml class but a) less confused (Xml supports HTML-specific things, but only sometimes!) and b) not necessarily confined to XML-compatible output.

Configuration options


General methods for HTML elements and attributes

  • rawElement() - Returns an HTML element in a string
  • element() - similar but escapes HTML-escapes incoming content
  • openElement()
  • closeElement()
  • expandAttributes()

Methods for specific elements

  • buttonAttributes()
  • getTextInputAttributes() - Modifies a set of attributes meant for text input elements and apply a set of default attributes.
  • linkButton()
  • submitButton()
  • input()
  • check() - checkboxes
  • radio() - radio buttons
  • label()
  • hidden()
  • textarea()
  • scripts:
    • inlineScript()
    • linkedScript()
  • styles:
    • inlineStyle()
    • linkedStyle()
  • Message boxes
    • noticeBox()
    • warningBox()
    • etc.
  • Drop-down box for selecting a namespace
    • namespaceSelector()
    • namespaceSelectorOptions()
  • htmlHeader()


  • isXmlMimeType() - Determines if the given MIME type is xml.
  • srcSet() - Generate a srcset attribute value.