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This page is a showcase of MediaWiki skins. None of these skins are maintained by the MediaWiki core team; if you find an error or wish to leave feedback, contact their respective authors.

You can see a gallery of skins that are known to be obsolete at obsolete skins.


  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Serrano Pereira
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): 1.21
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: Cavendish-MW (previously Cavendish mod) is a MediaWiki skin that provides the look and feel. It's an enhanced version of the Cavendish MediaWiki skin. The original Cavendish MediaWiki skin has some flaws and is not compatible with the latest versions of MediaWiki. Cavendish-MW fixes these issues and has other improvements like a full width template and updated style sheets. The JavaScripts have been fixed as well which makes neat stuff like Collapsible Tables/NavFrames/MediaWikiSuggest work.


  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Stinkfly
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: This is a skin made by Stinkfly at Wikia to hopefully be made as one of Wikia's skins. You can see some screenshots at CentralWikia:User:Stinkfly/Skin.

Wolfbane skin has a very nice style in my opinion. Unfortunately, this skin seems no longer maintained by original author (Stinkfly), so I made a revised version. The screenshot is related to this modified version. Download Wolfbane modified version


[w:User:Chochem/myskin.css Download version 0.1]
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Chochem
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: A magazine-column-style skin with a clean and inviting look, equally inspired by the and designs. The simple, no-nonsense layout ensures greater focus and readability. Use of the Droid Sans font is recommended for best results. Feedback goes here.

Released under the GPLv3.


[n:Wikinews:Custom_skin/Latest_code Download ]
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Noclip
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: Read the whole story about this skin here.


[w:User:Tejas81/myskin.css Download version 1.0]
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: TI
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: This skin is inspired in look and feel by, and built upon, Drone. However I did not like the toolboxes and navigational section hogging up the left of the screen: this makes the whole body of the article lose out on ScreenRealEstate.

I have retained only the navigational links and menus which I use. Some are drop down, some are inline. The search buttons are gone, only the box remains. A few ugly hacks, but don't know if I will get around to smoothing them.

Monaco (port)[edit]

  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Inez Korczyński, Christian Williams, Piotr Molski, Daniel Friesen
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: A port of the Monaco skin, which was developed and made popular by Wikia.


  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Garrick van Buren, Jamie Thingelstad
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): 1.18+
  • Last updated: 2019-03-08
  • Description: Responsive, mobile-friendly skin built on top of Zurb Foundation that puts your content front and center.

→ See the page on Foreground for further details.

Minerva Neue 2.0[edit]

(download link not provided)
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Natster101
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: 2020-27-03
  • Description: This skin is a modification of the existing Minerva Neue theme. It provides a sleek, modern interface that removes the clutter found in the default Vector theme. This theme removes the sidebar, introduces a stuck header bar with beautiful translucency, a collapsible menu with simple options, and a beautifully soft rounded interface.

To Install: Follow the instructions at

Download Links:

Version 2.0: The code for this theme has been completely rewritten and is now much more efficient. It also includes a dark mode (currently in a beta state) that is toggled on or off in accordance with the settings of your operating system. macOS Mojave, iOS 13 and Windows 10 or higher are required. This feature also requires the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox to be installed.

Version 3.0: Includes an all new navigation bar at the top left that takes up less space.

Version 3.1: Includes a rebuilt collapsible navigation bar when scrolling that takes up even less space, and major bug fixes. Collapsible navigation bar can be turned off by removing JavaScript.

Bugs: To report any bugs, send an email to with a description of the issue and a screenshot if possible. Bug reports are greatly appreciated. Please note that the Dark Mode is experimental at this point, and some elements may not render correctly


See Skin:BootStrapSkin for more information. Though BootStrapSkin is a Skin, it is what some would classify as multi functional, in that the custom Bootstrap CSS and several JavaScripts allow for Bootstrap styling within MediaWiki article content using nothing more than div, span and ul tags. Popular features include Carousel, Pop-ups and Pop-overs, Modals, drop down navigation and tables, to name a few. BootStrapSkin is also Font Awesome and GlyphIcon ready, with the ability to use custom fonts on the fly - current version includes the Lato font.

Update: We have now added several custom extensions for BootStrapSkin that offer improved visual functionality e.g. a gallery, slideshow, news ticker and social sharing.


  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Tobias Haider
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): 1.25+
  • Last updated: 2020-05-05
  • Description: Tweeki is based on Twitter's Bootstrap (v3.3.2). It tries to implement as much of Bootstrap's functionality as possible, allowing readers to use it very easily and with very reduced markup, and features many configuration options.

Tweeki aims for highest compatibility with Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms and should be particularly useful for wiki-as-a-website projects.

→ See the page on Tweeki for further details.


  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Tom Hutchison
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): 1.25+
  • Last updated: 2017-03-21
  • Description: Responsive, mobile-friendly skin focusing on mobile first but will pivot to all viewports with elegance.

→ See the page on Pivot for further details.