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findBadBlobs.php is a maintenance script for finding and marking bad content blobs.


Find and mark bad content blobs. Use --scan-from to find revisions with bad blobs, use --mark to mark them.


Option/Parameter Description Default
scan-from Start scanning revisions at the given date. Format: Anything supported by MediaWiki, e.g. YYYYMMDDHHMMSS or YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS
revisions A list of revision IDs to process, separated by comma or colon or whitespace. Revisions belonging to deleted pages will work. If set to "-" IDs are read from stdin, one per line.
limit Maximum number of revisions for --scan-from to scan. 1000
mark Mark the blob as "known bad", to avoid errors when attempting to read it. The value given is the reason for marking the blob as bad, typically a ticket ID. Requires --revisions to also be set.