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The copyright on a MediaWiki wiki is set at installation and can be adjusted by setting $wgRightsPage and $wgRightsUrl , and adapting the sitewide copyright notice located at MediaWiki:Copyright.

The copyright notice can be completely eliminated from the footer by ensuring $wgRightsPage and $wgRightsUrl are empty or not defined in LocalSettings.php .

MediaWiki itself is provided under the GNU General Public License.


Presently, the options available at installation are:

  • No license metadata
  • Creative Commons
    • Attribution
    • Attribution-ShareAlike
    • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  • GFDL
    • version 1.2
    • version 1.3 (since MediaWiki 1.14)
  • public domain (since MediaWiki 1.14)

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