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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:ConvertLinks.php and the translation is 33% complete.


convertLinks.php file is a maintenance script to convert the link table from the old links schema (string->ID) to the new schema (ID->ID). It is relevant during the migration from MediaWiki 1.4 or older to MediaWiki 1.5 or newer. The wiki should be put into read-only mode while this script executes.


Option/Parameter Beschreibung
--logperformance Log performance to perfLogFilename. Defaults to false.
--perfLogFilename Filename where performance is logged if --logperformance was set (defaults to 'convLinksPerf.txt').
--keep-links-table Don't overwrite the old links table with the new one, leave the new table at links_temp.
--nokeys Don't create keys, and so allow duplicates in the new links table. This gives a huge speed improvement for very large links tables which are MyISAM.