Manual:Coding conventions/Database

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This page describes the coding conventions used within files of the MediaWiki codebase written for usage with a Database. See also the general conventions that apply to all program languages, including those for databases. If you would like a short checklist to help you review your commits, try using the Pre-commit checklist .


Use abstract schema for new tables or schema changes. See Manual:Schema changes for more information.

Table naming[edit]

  • Table names should be singular nouns: user, page, revision, etc. There are some historical exceptions: pagelinks, categorylinks
  • Column names are given a prefix derived from the table name: the name itself if it's short, or an abbreviation:
    • pagepage_id, page_namespace, page_title
    • categorylinkscl_from, cl_namespace

Changing the schema[edit]

See Development policy#Database_patches, especially Special:Diff/537762/prev and make sure you use abstract schema changes.