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The api.php file is the external access point for the MediaWiki API. See API:Main page for details on using the API.

Azzioni prisi

Tanti azzioni sunnu svorti di api.php, ncluduti

Cuntrolla d'aviri la virsioni PHP 5.3.2 o maiuri e ammustra un missaggiu d'erruri si na virsioni chiù vecchia è attruvata

  • Include WebStart.php.
  • Check if the API is enabled ($wgEnableAPI).
  • Do some stuff to make cross-site requests to the API possible. See $wgCrossSiteAJAXdomains.
  • Construct an ApiMain object with the arguments passed via the URL and call its execute() method to do the actual API stuff.
  • Do any deferred updates.
  • Do some logging.

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