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Tidy: $wgTidyConf
Should be set to the path of the tidy configuration file.
Introduced in version: 1.3.0
Deprecated in version: 1.26.0 (Gerrit change 235401; git #2c6c954e)
Removed in version: still in use
Allowed values: absolute path
Default value: $IPManual:$IP/includes/tidy/tidy.conf (since MediaWiki 1.26)
$IPManual:$IP/includes/tidy.conf (before MediaWiki 1.26)
$IPManual:$IP/extensions/tidy/tidy.conf (before MediaWiki 1.10)
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May be set to the path of the custom configuration file for tidy if $wgUseTidyManual:$wgUseTidy is set.

Before MediaWiki Version 1.10, this should be set to the actual location of the tidy configuration file, or a working configuration should be placed at $IPManual:$IP/extensions/tidy/tidy.conf. See Manual talk:$wgUseTidy#Example Tidy Configuration File for an example. Since Version 1.10 a working default configuration is provided at $IPManual:$IP/includes/tidy.conf.

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